Starco is Official! ❤️ | Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

So what are we doing exactly? See here’s
the thing… Pig goats are really dumb. They won’t run
from danger so we gotta put them out to pasture so they don’t end up trapped in
here.Right I guess what I mean is this seems a little random shouldn’t we help
out with the evacuation. Yeah we probably should. It’s just…I am so overwhelmed, Marco. My friends came to help the kingdom and then they got wounded and
it’s all my fault. Yeah, but your mom said the magic sanctuary will fix them. Yeah I
know what she said it’s just this has been a lot to deal with. Ugh I know I’m bad.
I’m bad…I’m a bad person, right? My friends are wounded and I’m basically
hiding. Hi-yah! Marco what was that for?You’re not the only one who can kick in doors. Come on.
Let’s decompress. Show me how to get these pig goats to safety. Okay so you
know that feeling when something is so adorable you just need a smush it? No… So what you do is you just harness all that pent-up love and use it to give
them a wack! Easy peezy taco breezy. Okay yeah I’m not doing that. It doesn’t hurt them. It’s not that. I don’t like
their eyes (laughs). Oh Marco. You know… I’m glad we’re alone together cuz there’s something I wanna talk to
you about. I remember what you said to me in the magic. Uhhh okay well you’re
gonna have to remind me what I said unless it’s really weird and then maybe
I don’t want to know. Oh no I…I said something weird, didn’t I? Look that place was like…it
was like a dream. Those were fragments of my subconscious mind. I don’t want to
know. Marco, you told me you loved me. Ah okay…Maybe it was just a fragment of
your subconscious mind, but…No, it’s it’s not a fragment of anything. That’s the whole
Marco. You know the the whole Blood Moon curse…
that ordeal huh it’s it’s baloney. I felt like this since the beginning. I mean I’m
not a little boy. I know that you don’t just fall in love at first sight the way
I feel…it’s just gotten more intense since we first met it and it was intense
at the start and I know it’s in the way. In the way? Marco ,why does it have to be
bad? It is bad if you don’t want it. Okay can we kiss? Uh please? (kiss) Marco, I want you to love me because I
love you. (goat noises)I think we have an audience (laughs). The eyes. Maybe we ought to get back to the others.
Yeah you’re probably right. Hi-yah! Well done, Mr. Diaz.

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