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The flooding tunnels are over that ridge. We’ll get in that way. What was your job when you were based here? Sanitation Sanitation? Then how do you know how to disable the shields? I don’t. I’m just here to get Rey. People are counting on us. The galaxy is counting on us. So… We’ll figure it out… We’ll use the force. That’s not how the force works. Oh really? You’re cold? Come on!

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  1. At this point i hate this finn character. I mean, he completely lying to rebels so he can save one certain friend. As if he's not really care about their struggles

  2. Fans : How do you know what is a good Star Wars movie?
    Disney : I don't. I'm here to get money.
    Fans : People are counting on you. The Galaxy is counting on you.
    Disney : We'll figure it out. We'll use the force.
    Fans : That's not how the force works

  3. Disney: Let's make a Trilogy without proper screenwriting.
    Fans: You can't do that. The world is counting on you.
    Disney: It's ok we will use the Force.

  4. I know Harrison ford wanted it but he was so good in the trilogy when he died the whole squad was not themselves anymore and the rest of the trilogy just sucked

  5. Watching this makes me disappointed and upset at how badly they fumbled Finn’s character development. They really made me not care about him as the trilogy wined down.

  6. Force Skyping, using the Force to teleport objects, basically ALL of Rey’s Mary Sue bullshit:

    “That’s not how a The Force works!”

  7. Han Solo to rey about being better then any other force weirder in this entire series with 0 training “that’s not how the force works or how fighting works”

  8. The same phrase i was yelling throughout the rise of the skywalker at the cinema. These guys at hollywood fail to understand the concept of the 'force' and use it as if it's some magic power for kids. But again, what kinda of expectations can you have from the guys-"the force is female"

  9. I love how Finn actually believed that doing some random crap without proper planing and hoping
    it pays out is how The Force works.

  10. I think Han is so frustrated with Finn because on one level, this young man is the very mirror image of him in some ways, and the backgrounds of the two characters are also strikingly similar. Han used to be an Imperial soldier and defected because he did not like what the Empire was doing to the Wookiies, and Finn defected from his position as a stormtrooper of the First Order because he did not like what they were doing. Both join the Rebels (Han) and the Resistance (Finn) essentially "because of a girl", Han because of Leia, and Finn, in stages, for Rey and Rose. Both do not like to admit it to themselves but it is VERY important to them what these women think of them, that they think well of them. When Finn admits that he's just on this rescue mission for Rey, it's written all over Han's face "Oh there he goes being as stupid now as I was then!" Both also go on a mission to save women who really do not fir the "damsel and distress" type and who are quite capable of saving themselves.

  11. "that's not how the force works"
    After watching episode 8 and 9 I think Han had a better understanding of what the force can do compared to the writers.

  12. I always felt they should have reworked the disney
    trilogy in general. I liked force awakens but it borrowed too much from a
    new hope and should have been it's own thing. Last Jedi sucked and Rise
    of Skywalker was decent with some problems. I feel that they should
    have shown Luke's order and Rey joins as Luke was looking for students
    and she is still a scavenger but uses a double bladed lightsaber that is
    modeled after her staff and it is purple. Leia is a Jedi teacher. The
    knights of ren are dark siders collecting holocrons for a sinister
    purpose involving the destruction of the new republic and having a dark
    council rule over everything. Snoke is his own character and has his own
    dark sided order that forges an alliance with Kylo's. The knights have
    troopers that look similar to sith troopers in episode 9 and Finn was
    part of an experiment to create force sensitive storm troopers. The
    troops are manipulated and brainwashed and would have used Captain
    Phasma but they wanted to test the procedure on a lowly trooper like
    Finn and has the force artificially infused into him which also frees
    him from his brainwashing, as a side effect from the procedure, and
    causes him to rebel which is why Kylo and Phasma are so pissed at Finn's
    betrayal if he was meant to be the first in a new line of super
    soldiers. Finn joins Luke's order to make things right and has a blue
    standard blade.

    Kylo has a green blade gifted by Luke but Kylo cracked it in a fit of
    rage and needed a crossguard. I'd remove the bleeding crystal method,
    even though it's kind of interesting, I feel it is too limiting and
    would like to see light siders use red blades and dark siders use non
    red blades. Kylo does reform and join Luke as Ben Solo. Rey and Finn
    fall in love, too.

    Rey is revealed to be Anakin's reincarnation, explaining why Anakin's
    ghost was absent, her connection to the skywalkers and her power, as
    Anakin feared other dark siders would rise so he felt he could do more
    good reincarnating. They come across other force orders that are light
    sided and gray sided as well like the Imperial Knights, Guardians of the
    Breath and they all have their own beliefs and agenda

    Could even take advantage of the Darth Jar Jar theory as he had other
    plans and worked with Palpatine as a partner and they would do favors
    for each other. Once Palpatine perished, Jar Jar would continue the rule
    of two sith, trying to find others to corrupt and he manipulated other
    force orders into fighting each other and destroy the new republic hence
    why he is absent in other movies. Now it's up to the reincarnation of
    the chosen one, Rey, and the Jedi to unite the warring factions and
    destroy the other dark siders and the last of the sith once and for all.

  13. TFA's message: You don't need to be some big wig when you defect from a corrupted organization to make a difference.
    TLJ's message: You don't need to be part of some important family to make a difference.

  14. Im sort of upset about han’s death, but at the same time not, if anything, I’m pretty sure JJ didn’t intend for Han to die, but the only way he could’ve gotten Harrison Ford to come back is if he killed off Han like Lucas was suppose to do in return of the Jedi. So not a biggie.

  15. I somehow believe that Finn's "Sanitation" response is a hidden homage to the Janitor profession of Roger Wilco (from "Space Quest" Sierra game series 1986-1995). I like to think it is. XD Please someone tell me I'm not the only one in this comment section who knows Space Quest? :O

  16. "That's not how the force works" well apparently according to Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, the force can literally do anything, even bend space-time.

  17. As humourous as this scene is, has anyone talked about the bullcrap of this logical error?
    Finn was ripped from his parents' arms, and trained to be a killing machine. A Stormtrooper. And apparently, he was just the janitor? In what galaxy does this make any sense?
    They have damn droids! Why don't you make a bunch of space roombas to clean the floors? Why not have droids designed for taking out the garbage? Or slaves deemed unworthy of combat forced into menial tasks? At least have specifically payed employees that work as janitors rather than having your own fighting force be wasted on such basic tasks!
    And like almost all things in this stupid trilogy, it makes even less sense when you consider the materials made outside of the movies. He was a prime specimen in expanded materials, and scored top marks as a cadet. So why the hell was he a damn janitor?! This makes no goddamn sense!

    [EDIT that I meant to have in the comment the first time around, but eh] The only reason this exchange is here is to further bloat the movie's runtime, using comedy.

  18. Leia: Floats through space without freezing or bursting
    Luke: Teleports himself across the galaxy while still alive
    Me: “That’s not how the force works!”

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