14 thoughts on “Speaking out against Trudeau’s cuts to our military

  1. All this…not to mention there has been 4 different MP’s (in four years!). overseeing Veterans Affairs under this federal Government.

  2. Drain the swamp get rid of Justin Trudeau!!!The only true leader for Canada !!! Maxime Bernier!!!for the people Canada strong and free

  3. Thank you Premier Kenny for standing up for Canada's military personnel. I have 2 nieces in the military, my father served 25 years, I served 5 years and two of my three sisters served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

  4. Bullshit……rearranging how veterans medical costs are worked out between the provinces and the federal government has been ongoing for years….this is pure SPIN….Kenney is using vets as pawns in his squabble with the feds…..
    Look at the numbers:
    Spending on veterans by this government vs the previous:

    Now look a healthcare transfers to provinces from this government vs the previous:

    those are all real numbers and they are all UP….the suggestion by Kenney, of all people, who was in government for ten years that the present government is shortchanging veterans is simply insulting given that the government he was part of closed veterans centers in Altlantic Canada (reopened by the Liberals soon after being elected) and fought veterans in the courts for YEARS…..this is a matter of record….and this is what VETERANS themselves said about that whole mess the Conservatives put them through. (the Liberals cleaned it up)

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