Sonic Forces – Infinite – Man on the Internet Cover

100 thoughts on “Sonic Forces – Infinite – Man on the Internet Cover

  1. This song reminds me of the time before the release of Sonic Forces when everyone thought Infinite would be a good villain.

  2. Infinite had a lot of potential, instead we got the "IM NOT WEAK AAAAA" and edgy teenager we know.

  3. If there's one thing that's rarely done wrong in Sonic games, it's the soundtrack. Which then leads to amazing covers like this. Wonderful work!

  4. I love the designs of your Sonic Personas! They're both so cute and cool-looking at the same time! A Red Panda and a wolf I assume yes? And your cover was amazing!

  5. This makes me want a Metal Sonic Song… but he dont get enough love for it. finna beat the metal haters. (Not really) Great job btw!

  6. I needed this in my life lol. Now you’ve covered two of my favorite Sonic songs, now the only one that remains is What I’m Made Of!

  7. Hey, Just a Quick Question, When are you Continuing Your Chrono Trigger Musical? I know you said your taking a break from doing that, But My brother's been WAITING for a new Chrono Trigger Musical Video from you.

    P.S. Your Video's Rock.

  8. This got me thinking of another song or theme I like Paul's theme from Pokémon I hope you'll make a lyric version of that

  9. I think this is a… Fine enough game, and that this is a great song. But can you make a song for a very popular sonic game and make friends with lyrics?

  10. My Sonic villain OC draws his blade against Sonic and my own OC, Rug the Dog (I just came up with that name), as this song is jamming in the background.

  11. we broke him
    happy everyone?
    on another note , i cant listen to this and NOT think of Arin Hanson… its complicated

  12. Is it just me or does the silver one like what infinite would look like if he was not all powerful

  13. Honestly, Infinite could have been a much, much better villain worthy of this song. At the end of the day, however, he’s just a masked bully with dreams of genocide creating an illusion of edginess just to hide his weakness and ego.

  14. While forces is going on as much as I like to make fun of the retcon for classic being from another dimension I don’t mind it because 1 it allows Sega to have 2 different series going on that please both the classic and modern fans without having to worry much about how one effects the other and 2 the phantom ruby bends reality and dimensions not time

  15. Ouch, looks like I cut myself on this edge. I would have been more careful, but I distracted by how good this is.

  16. I am infinite, your doom is (oof ah gah eee oo ahh) stop it arin, you are interrupting my (ooo ah eff gah), arin…

  17. Can I request more Sonic songs, possibly Shadow's theme?
    Sorry, I know you guys get bombarded with requests all the time, this is just really cool.

  18. Dude! You forgot to credit Linkin Park! >:0

    … 😉👌 Jokes aside. This sound brpught me back to my early teen years of Blasting Linkin Park out of my headphones.

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