Soldiers train in the mountains of Bulgaria

[explosion] [♪techno beat♪] [♪drum beat♪] Welcome back. After two full weeks of training in Bulgaria, they’re still having a blast. Jesse Granger shows us why the soldiers of the 172nd Infantry Brigade didn’t want to pack up and head home. [birds chirping] [Granger] This story starts with a bang. [weapon fires] Or would that be a boom? [boom] Either way, it’s a familiar sound for these soldiers. It sounds like a patrol in Iraq. [Granger] Today, though, it isn’t so much a sound to be feared as one to be celebrated. [soldier] Yeah! You should see the picture he caught of me. Today we are getting familiarized by the RPG rocket launcher. [booming] [Granger] The soldiers of Charlie Company find themselves far from home. But they’re not complaining. This is my first time in Bulgaria. [Granger] And though this is no vacation… >>It’s been pretty rough. [Granger] they consider the change of pace a pretty good break. >>I sure do. We’ve been moving up to about 20 miles a day with full kit–everything you need to fight in combat. But the guys are making it. [Granger] They’ve made it to the highlight of their training here [weapon fires]. [Mitchell] Blowing stuff up is always fun. [soldiers cheering] [Granger] And they’re not going to let a little bad weather ruin it for them. If it ain’t raining…>>we ain’t training. We’re definitely training right now, I’ll tell you what. [soldier] Fire! [weapon fires] [boom] [soldier] There you go! [Granger] Germany is home station for these troops, so they’re no strangers to training in Europe. So what brings them east to Bulgaria? [Mitchell] Mountains. It gives the soldiers the opportunity to learn how to move with their gear up and down the mountains and to navigate in a mountainous environment. [Granger] That sounds pretty tough, but what’s this type of training really like? It is just like a woman giving birth. [Granger] What? We can know about the feelings, but we’ll never understand unless you go through it. [Granger] Right. [Duzen laughs] [Granger] Let’s just say it’s hard to find the right words. >>[Duzen] That too, also. [Granger] What they have found is that no matter how much they train… There’s always something to learn. [Granger] And today is no exception. >>[Duzen] You learn to respect other cultures. You learn to adapt. [Granger] As the weather begins to worsen…>>[Mitchell] Yeah. My guys don’t care. It can rain all day. It doesn’t matter. We’re still going to train. [Granger] the resolve the men show to finish today’s mission is something they can take with them where they’ll need it most. [Mitchell] My men are motivated. My men buy in to the program. We’re a family, we’re a unit, we’re a team. We train together, we’ll fight together. [soldier] Okay, fire! >>[Granger] For US Army Europe, Jesse Granger… [Greaser] Any time you get to shoot at the range is a good day. [Granger] Novo Selo Training Area [boom], Bulgaria. >>[soldier] Very good job!

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