Sneak Attack Squad Special Forces! Nerf Blaster Obstacle Course.

>>Sweet shot dude.>>Thanks. Do you want to try?>>Yeah, let me see.>>Alright. I’ll stack them up. Are you ready?>>This is gonna be such an easy shot.>>Um, that wasn’t that good.>>What do you mean that wasn’t good? I knocked down all the cups.>>Well, you didn’t really hit the cups
’cause it just bounced and hit the cups.>>Okay. That’s two achievements. I did trick shot and I hit the cups.>>No, I don’t really think that counts.>>Alright, I’ll do it again. Whatever. I’m done with this game. That was just an unlucky shot.>>Or no skill.>>Whatever. Where is it? Where is my Nintendo Switch? What’s that? What are you doing to the
Sneak Attack Squad logo?>>What are you doing in my room?>>I don’t know, but what’s this?>>It’s my drawing?>>What did you do to the
Sneak Attack Squad logo?>>I making it better for my new team.>>What new team?>>The Spy Sneak Attack Squad
Special Forces.>>Special Forces?
What do you mean by Special Forces?>>Don’t worry about it.
You can’t even join anyways.>>What do you mean I can’t join?>>You wouldn’t pass the test.>>What test?>>The obstacle course test.>>What is this obstacle course test?>>You have to pass the obstacle course
to be in the Special Forces.>>That’s easy.
I can pass any obstacle course.>>Hm… okay! We’ll see.>>Why don’t you go set it up,
and I’ll show you.>>Okay. You asked for it.>>Obstacle course. Whatever.>>Ethan! It’s ready!>>Oh, this had better be good.>>All right. Are you ready?>>Oh, easy no problem. I won’t even try.>>Okay. Here’s the course. We start on the front door, and run over here. over to these blasters, then you shoot those cups, and you run over here, and you use this blaster
to get that red cup over there. Then once you hit the red cup, come over here, crawl under the table, and then you’re done
crawling over the table, go over here. Take all these blasters and
then knock all these down. All the cups?>>Yeah all of ’em.>>What if I miss?>>I thought you weren’t gonna miss?>>I’m not just what if I do.>>Well just keep trying until
you run out of ammo then.>>Okay, what next?>>And you come over here. Use these blasters to knock
down those all stacks. There’s only one shot in each,
so you get one chance.>>What if I don’t knock them
all down in the one shot?>> Then you get a point off
and then you just keep going.>>How many points can I miss?>>One.>>Wait, one? Seriously?>>That’s what it takes to
be in the Special Forces.>>Okay, what’s next?>>Then you come this way,
and crawl through that pile of foam. What?!>>Yep! Through the foam and out that door.>>Okay, what’s after that?>>I’ll show you. So you go through here, and you come out here in the garage. Take some swords, and then you knock
all the pins in the garage.>>With the swords?!>>Yep.>>Is that it?>>No. But you have to come out this door. And after you come out here. And you have to walk here.>>Um, I don’t think I trust that thing.>>No, it’s good.. Drone! Are you good?>>Roger! Trying simulation active.>>Hm… Try to avoid the drone?>>If you want to but you just
have to get through the drone.>>Okay, what next?>>This way I’ll show you. Then, you have to come over here. We’ll you have to run
through the back door, ’cause I’m gonna be
shooting from out here.>>What– You’re gonna be shooting at me?>>Yeah, you’re gonna have
to be able to dodge darts.>>That’s your problem.
I’ll just run through here.>>That’s the idea.>>All right. What’s next?>>All right one more thing. Follow me. Come in the the back door. Come here. Use that bazooka blaster
to knock down all that cups.>>Is that the new blaster? The bazooka blaster?>>Whatever. Anyways… The ping-pong ball in one of those cups. When youu knock it down, you have to find it.>>All right. So there’s
a ping pong ball in there, and once I knock it all down,
I have to find it?>>Once you find it, you come over here and put it in here.>>Then what?>>That’s it. The time stops.>>Wait wait wait wait. I’m being timed?>>Yeah! You have one minute.>>One minute? That’s impossible! Then I guess you’re not gonna be
in the Special Forces, huh?>>You can’t do it!>>I did! I can do it again. No problem.>>Okay, prove it.>>Okay.>>There’s no way
you did it in under a minute.>>Yeah I did. I’ll show you.>>All right I’m gonna time you. Okay. Hold on.
Let me pull out the stopwatch. All right. Get on your marks.>>All right. I’m ready. Get ready. Get set! Go! Hurry up! Time’s ticking! What the– That’s impossible! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! You’re running out of time! Out of time! Come on! Come on, come on! Clock is ticking. BAAAM! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on! Come on! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Come on! Come on!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Time is ticking! Come on! Let’s go! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Let’s go! Open the door! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go!>>Terminate! Oh he’s never gonna make it. Go! Go! Go! Stop! Oh sweet! Wow! You did do under a minute.>>Told you.>>Let me try this.>>Okay? But we need
to put cameras on you.>>Why do I need cameras?>>So, we have proof that you did it.>>Proof? How come you didn’t need proof?>>’Cause I invented it.>>Okay set up some
cameras on me and let’s do this.>>All right, let’s go. I’ll set it all up again.>>Okay.>>All right. I think the camera’s good. Are you ready?>Oh I’m ready. All right.>>All right. On you marks. Get set! Go!>>Oh, I’m out of ammo! Ah! Where’d it go!? No!>>Let me see how… Am I at least in Special Forces?>>No. It took you like 2 and a half minutes. What?!>>Yeah sorry.You’re not getting it.>>Okay. Whatever.>>You didn’t go that fast!>>Okay. I’m making my own crew then! Then you’ll see!>>Yeah, we will.>>Hey guys! Do you wanna
join Sneak Attack Squad Special Forces?>>If so, we’re gonna
tell you how very soon!>>Comment of this week comes from:
Cameron Davis. “Can you make a 1-hour video?” An hour? You know how long that would take? It takes just like two days to
record a seven minute video. Maybe someday though, Cameron. We’ll see if we can get better
at going a little faster.>>Picture of the week comes from:
>> Andy! Whoa! That is a lot going on there.>>Yeah.
>>Holy mole. Why do you a gas mask on?>>Oh no, that’s Star Wars mask!>>Oh, from Guardians of the Galaxy?>>Yeah duh!>>Anyways, thanks for your picture, Andy! I swear our door tags
are coming back soon! Hopefully in a week but we don’t know. But in the meantime,
give us a thumbs up!>>Click on our faces to subscribe!>>And we’re gonna blast this all down.

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