100 thoughts on “Simple PIANO EXERCISES for Advanced JAZZ IMPROVISATION

  1. I lost you completely when you put markers on Eb and Bb. I don't know what notes you played then. Too fast to see and you never said. I just didn't understand that. Nothing made any sense to me after that. I didn't understand what you were playing. I appreciate your instruction, but I lost you here.

  2. I have played by ear since childhood, playing well exactly what I hear. Unfortunately, that skill has always kept me boxed into the sounds of others. This is the perfect exersize for me, thank you!

  3. Great lesson. However I am lost after the first example. Can you give a text example

    Thumb thumb
    C Eb f. D F G

  4. Man you are so Helpfull, are you french or German? anyway thanks a lot i’m sure i ll be able to play like a pro thanks to you in 1 years ! you give PDF, other lesson, we can see that you are passionate, more people needed to share like you!

  5. That's amazing!
    I trying to do all these lessons.
    how can I use it to improvise in a song like Autumn leaves?

  6. This man understands not just music but also education and learning. He is a master at identifying very basic concepts and then integrating them into your musical being by 1) Giving a simple exercise; 2) demonstrating how to extend and practice that exercise, and 3) Integrating the concept and the exercise into your musical self. He is extremely articulate and very logical. An outstanding teacher, well worth whatever donation you send to help keep these lessons coming.

  7. The hands moving perfectly to voice remind me of a puppet. When they touch the piano, however, they become the puppet-master.

  8. Thank you so much! Always been wondering about how to get my mind around these solos and finally I've found the perfect lesson… Greetings from the Philippines👋🏻

  9. Congratulations for the video, where can I buy the green counters you put on the piano keys?

  10. Oliver… Suas aulas são excelentes, pois vc usa muito a pratica, ja pesquisei varias aulas por aqui e realmente me identifiquei com a sua.. Como faço para poder ter acesso a aulas que possam me interessar no plano teórico.. Eu toco teclado porém so com cifras.. Pode me ajudar amigo.Por favor.Obrigado.

  11. Amazing video! How in the hell do you play and talk like that? Unbelievable!

  12. I started watching this video having 0 understanding of how to improvise and after watching this… i can finally play someone jazzy/blusey and have infinite different ways to do so… thx for the lesson

  13. OMG, man I have never seen anything like this. Easy to understand the breakdowns of pentatonic… mannnnn : GREAT JOB

  14. Hello Mentor. I've been following you here on YouTube and taking your piano lessons for like almost a year now. I want to say thank you so much for your time you sacrifice for us, lessons well broken down to our understanding, exercises to practice.

    I have a problem, i got most all i play from you, using modes and minor melodic modes as were but i can't keep my pace. My fourth and fifth fingers are really a mess. I have worked on it and im still working on it but no improvement.

    Please what can i do be fingers free?? Thanks so much

  15. I like this lesson but I have such difficulty playing 60btm on the left hand while doing 1/16 on the right… It's not even a song to memorize the hand movement, it's merely practice. And that's what I always have difficulty with… Trying to NOT memorize practice pieces, and just follow rhythm in distinct movement for each hand.

  16. Lieber Olliver, ich bin überwältigt, wie du es schaffst, die Zusammenhänge so darzustellen, dass sie einfach und zusammenhängend
    erscheinen. Hut ab! Kalle

  17. Thnaks a lot for this lesson. It's a wondeful thing. Congratulations. We would like to follow learning with the next lessons. What can I do for this?

  18. This is litterally genius, I've struggled with improv for so long, but this just made it so much easier to understand.

  19. ''Dont worry, everything has a beginning''
    (then he's playing some 120 bpm jazz and expects me to follow)

  20. Thank you, this is the best instructions I have ever watched. I wish that you have a curriculum, and number the videos sequentially based on this curriculum.
    Also I wish that you create a subscription service with a monthly dues. You are so generous I am sure it will be reasonable,
    It will help you to have more time to produce these videos, and at the same time everybody
    Will benefit from your innovative approach.
    My best wishes to you.

  21. I Think this is one of the best tutorial for fingering..and jazz improvisation..thank you very much Oliver, it's very useful to me!

  22. I have been playing piano over 12 years now, since I was 8. I just focused on learning new songs, the more and harder, the better. But I just discover the world of improvisation, and it's amazing how it seems like I'm a total beginner. Your vids are helping me a lot to improvise, keep the good work! You are an amazing teacher, you got a new subscriber here. Greetings from Uruguay!

  23. You got just 97k subscribers? What you do is art, not what other kids do and they get more likes and subs than u. Art has to be rewarded, not kids running in female clothes outside and jumping in pools over houses.

  24. Really good and practical stuff to practice. Only I am missing some variation in the left hand. But the different scales are really eyeopening.

  25. Thanks so much helping me out with this one.. Good Job editing the video as well, must be a whole load of working placing all the thumb markers…

  26. Не понимаю, почему на 22:55 Сb и Bb отмечены как "outside C-Dorian scale". Что это вообще значит? Эти ноты входят в дорийский лад от ноты до, почему тогда они вне лада?

  27. Ollivier Thanks a lot for this beautiful lesson!!
    I have a question: how can I use this finger trip on major chords for ex on C maj7 ?

  28. nice tutorial. I can't get my left hand to play along… it tries to keep the same speed as the right hand. what exercise can i do to fix this… please help!

  29. I really appreciate this video, it is very helpful, but it is a little hard to understand exactly what note to play in order to follow along, he doesn’t make them completely clear, however, it is still very helpful.

  30. I have just been playing piano for almost 3 weeks without any formal lessons.
    I have learnt "some" cord progression, but not too mutch technical stuff. I have for the most part only practised by playing songs.

    But what I'm learning here is what really gives me the tools needed to do more than imitating songs.

    Thank you!
    And know that you help me develop as an artist!

  31. I don't understand why Eb and Bb are outside ouf the dorian scale ? It sounds like it but I though that the C dorian scale was c,d,Eb,f,g,a,Bb,c

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