Simon Asks Him To Sing Acapella, Watch What Happens Next! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

Okay… Yes, Wembley what’s on it? Hi, Anthony, you know i like Sharon.What’s up madam? I love Sharon How you doing? sound and good you know feeling good.Nervous. Well introduce yourselves to London, please. I’m Anthony Dosher. I’m from Liverpool, and I’m 27 Thank you! Just can’t believe I’ve become a daily cards The talents here is unbelievable To go through the lamp art Honest-to-god I was jumping for joy, and you are capable of so much more when we see you next round I want you to totally utterly nail what you’re capable of doing. They said to me. We hope you smash your next audition That’s what I’m going to do This is gonna be a performance of a lifetime tonight. It’s gonna be scary. I’m terrified, but I’m ready at the same time Hopefully I can… You know make the judges tryouts. You’ll be fine Anthony. Don’t worry! I hope so you know.You will be fine buddy.I’m not gonna let the judges down. I’m gonna sing like my life is depended on it. All my life,i have been waking to this
very moment.It’s all on this audition What are you gonna sing for us? I’m gonna sing Runnin’ by Beyonce so we know,Wembley i know we had enjoy here Stevie Wonder’s have been here the Beatles have been here, and I’m standardly an old Tanner made it showing myself wrong so I Overdo your proud Wembley to pleasure to be here. Thank you Good luck Skippy. Thank you very much Skippy hahaha… Wow! “These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel” “The way I feel,yeah…” “I’m standing still” “And nothing else matters when you’re not here, so where are you?” Kid is bouncing around the remedy “been calling you,yeah…” “I’m missing you ” “where else can i go?” “Where else can i go?” “Chasing you,” “chasing you” “Runnin’,runnin’,runnin’,runnin'” “Runnin’,runnin’,runnin” ” “Ain’t runnin’ from myself no more” “Together we’ll face it all” Anthony try and keep still for one moment, please! Just relax Anthony this was so manic Why don’t we just hear the chorus on your own a cappella “These four lonely walls have changed the way i feel” “The way i feel,yeah…” “I’m standing still” “And nothing else matters when you’re not here, so where are you?” “I’m calling you, yeah…” “But missing you” “Where else can I go?” “Where else can I go?” “Chasin’ you” “Chasin’ you” “Runnin’,runnin’,runnin’,runnin'” “runnin’,runnin’,runnin'” “No runnin’ from myself no more” “I’m ready to face it all” It worries me that he’s just not focused and you’re never quite nailing that nervous energy He did a lot better,when we just gave in his nose you stood my stuff in And he kept his timing He kept his timing on his a cappella And most people see that Okay… Anthony how seriously do you take this? Really shadish.I mean i messed up no no Sorry it’s okay Do you think though going out on a Saturday Night Live do you think you can honestly concentrate enough? Cause you seemed to be a bit all over the place i know,i know So much going on I just For me at the time right liverpool proud to do yourself well, you know change me life Okay All right Anthony You’ve got great likability, I think that if you really really focus I think that you could do well here. We all do and so we’re gonna put you through to the sixth chapter I really don’t like him Ahh,it’s not always cause i messed all tonight. He’s a good kid This could change my life. I don’t know what to say, honestly

100 thoughts on “Simon Asks Him To Sing Acapella, Watch What Happens Next! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

  1. Does he have ADHD? Because I think that could be the reason he can't stay still or focused. His voice is amazing but I think it may be something else that is keeping him from exceeding his best ability. He may not have it but that's just what I'm guessing please don't attack me for voicing my thoughts. He has so much talent its unbelievable.❤

  2. I really like Simon as a person. I try to be honest and real like him but it always comes across as being rude. So only my friends gets my alter-ego Simon when prevoked or asked of my opinion. Ha ha

  3. I think you are the dogs bolloxs!!………………….your energy is fantastically inspiring and I think you are the best of the best…………………skippy…………..youre voice is so deep

  4. Killer voice! So he's a lil nervous, who wouldn't be in front of that many people and a tv hookup? He had conviction in his voice, I think that's what did it! And A cute kid!

  5. I was upset, he clearly exhibited hyperactivity and add that with nerves? He did wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD.

  6. He bounces around too much like he has ants in his pants. He has to calm down and concentrate on the song. Maybe BJC could tell him how to do it.

  7. He handled that very well. If I had a disorder like ADHD or something and someone told me to stop moving around I would freak!!!!

  8. Okay am Africa it's not that easy to understand English, but his English was the hardest. Didn't know he was speaking English until……

  9. He have a very nice and specific voice that can be used in some very good ways, on original songs made for him. His bouncing around can't interfere with what he can deliver, he know how to sing and that's enough for me.

  10. Those accents are amazing. I'm from America, where Simon is where now, and those accents seem weird because everyone I know is from America, but I love them! I'm Polish and Italian but I just have no accent like I was just not anything.

  11. At 27 he should have learned already that an event does not change your life you change your life through a series of decisions that you make in the course of your life I fear that this man has put all his eggs in one basket and doesn't realize that doesn't work

  12. He’s definitely gotta be on coke or meth idk anyone with ADHD this bad without being on drugs idc who you are. Very sad as I am someone who struggles with addiction as well. I feel for him

  13. He can’t sing. He yells . Rap is for people like him. Rappers don’t need to sing only talk fast and loud.

  14. This genre doesn't really suit him. I like the tone of his voice but rock would be more his style, I think. He has the stage energy for it.


  16. This crowd of new singers mainly scream in the mike and sound just like the next kid. How sad we don't have a good group coming up.

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