Should Stylists Be Trained to Save Lives?

– By the way Dr. Landry,
hair looks beautiful today. – Oh, well thank you. Thank you very much. – Do you have a stylist that you go to that you love and trust? – I do; I do. – Do you, when you go there, do you expect potential
life saving treatment? – I typically don’t. – Well, you all may not either, but in Illinois things may be changing. A new law in that state will
insure that your hairdresser is skilled, not only in
cutting hair and colors and highlights, but also in saving lives. Starting January one of next year, licensed hairdressers
in the state of Illinois will be required to get
training to identify signs of domestic violence. The first state to have a law like this. I think the idea behind this law, look it doesn’t require the
stylists to do anything, but to help them recognize
some of the signs. They could be difference
between life and death for some of their clients. Because we know that one
of the biggest issues, especially when people end
up in a clinical setting or the hospital, or they’re
surrounded by the person who may be the abuser,
they’re much less likely to be vocal about it. But I think a hairdresser,
correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s like a place women can go, and it’s a safe place and around friends. Hopefully they would feel safe enough to have these conversations. Is that fair to say? – I’m sure you two have
noticed when you have someone who is abusive then it’s very
hard to get that woman alone. A lot of times the abuser,
they won’t leave the room when you’re examining them. – Um-Hu. – When you’re talking to them,
they just will not go away. This is one of the few
places that women go where the abuser may not be present. So, being able to train
these women, even though it’s limited training, but
being able to train them so at least maybe these women
will have someone to talk to. It’s definitely going to be beneficial. – I think it will be
interesting to see what happens. The fact that one in five
women will be victims of abuse, physical violence,
by a an intimate partner in their lifetime,
that’s one in five women. If you look at that 20%,
I would be willing to bet that a great number of
those are so fearful of acknowledging it and reporting it. I love this. I actually– – I hope it works. – like that you’re at
least getting trained in it what to look for what to recognize.

9 thoughts on “Should Stylists Be Trained to Save Lives?

  1. Absolutely. I feel there should at least always be a supervisor or manager on duty trained to recognize signs of abuse & have basic first aid/cpr knowledge. Working with the public, businesses should have these standards in mind

  2. I think this law is great! It could really save a womans life who is in a bad situation. i wish Texas would pass a law like this.

  3. I'm commenting before watching: no, I don't think a stylist is required to save lives. Now after watching…why only stylists?

  4. I agree at least 1 person on duty should have at least basic first aid training but I don't think its a stylists place to withdraw information out of people unless the client was open to disclosing. Basic training on such a sensitive issue will result in a lot of misjudgments. Of course everyone should use common sense if they see something is definitely wrong but its not a stylists job to be a counselor.

  5. I live in British Columbia Canada and I was required to get my fist ad and cpr certificates. In school we were taught that one of the biggest places elderly people have heart attacks is actually at the hairdressers. Also some people have such strong allergys to scents that too much hairspray and chemicals in the air (lavender is a common allergy) can send the person into anaphylaxic shock. very interesting stuff.

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