Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – Game Movie Part 1

Jona you that Don’t know I’m here Just a little stuck a Rock of hit my leg No, I write one Trinity’s tale, I don’t want to attract attention Beautiful Laura Wow Get a load of this place Guess all that research paid off. Now. We know what Trinity is after. Yeah, they really didn’t want us in here Glad we followed your father’s notes I saw where the Passons clefts on you back there want me to take a look at that wound? No, I’m fine What is all this Constellations this inscription at some sort of riddle pink fish food fish silver crowned mountain As a date here But something’s off It looks like it was damaged. Perhaps intentionally Why would Trinity sabotage this they usually just destroy everything No, I think the damage is older You had him drag me out I’d still be in there taking pictures Still be in there don’t know if you’d be doing what she Turner Hey, you wanna freshen up regroup at the cafe Dr. Dominguez is supposed to be that night. Sounds good I’ll try and decipher the riddle see if the date has anything to do with it, right? Pink fish silver crown mountains. I’ll look into it. By the way, this cafe supposed to have really good fun I know the chef There is And I think new and dr2 mingos not much He’s leading a few Trinity digs in the area my father mentioned him in his journal more than once He’s an expert on pre-colonial ruins, but everyone says he’s a great guy big help to the town So, how’s your leg Jenna look The riddle Its directions to find the hidden city go south along the shore until you find the pink fish. I found something for that It’s pink dolphins found only in the Amazon It goes on then chased the heart of the serpent to the Silver crowned mountain Look at this It’s the constellation Hydra the serpent. This star is the heart It’s set in the southwest so Southwest’s from the Amazon River Brazil This date from the ruins see if you look closely it is damaged this number looks like a maya 13, but what if it’s really an 8 with precession it would Precession the earth tilt so over time these stars appear in a different place in horizon important if you’re navigating by the night sky, ok In my Honda that’s a 2000 year difference back. Then the heart of the Serpent’s have directly to the west So that’s why it’s improved not Brazil Eternity has been looking in the wrong place exactly. We need to look for the silver crown mountain in Peru There’s more I’m something about a key What is Trinity looking for in the hidden city? Show me You heard that too, right gasps Wait, hold on Trinity’s watching this place. Let’s try to blend it Trinity’s people are armed. I heard they brought in reinforcements. I’ll stay out of my way You want to avoid what happened with the last cell? We took down? They must know we were at the other site So much for a night off. Why did you mean guys Garmin? He can’t be far. He must be in the courtyard somewhere. Yeah Let’s look around Someone must know something Has got to be more to these ruins a Maya pyramid inside some sort of cave How Anna hurt you You work for Trinity, what did they find Well, they’ve been searching for a temple entrance for many years today. They found it. I Have to go on my sister. She’s on her way here. Now. I Know this figure You shalt the goddess of the full moon. Oh And this is Shaq Xiao de noon Description shock, shell the key lies beyond her gaze This is it the entrance must be down there Jonah Jonah there’s a mural here It shows a box Inscription says the silver box of ish. Oh, that must be what’s in the hidden city. This is a Meyer myth It says the box will summon the god Kukulcan Wait, there’s more looks like series of cataclysms a tsunami a storm and earthquake Volcanic eruption Well in my belief Kukulcan is the god of creation and destruction This looks like the hydra constellation but the stars seem out of alignment Jona I found a dagger There’s an inscription the key to e shells heart unlocks the cleansing We come at 20 get hold of this Yeah, stop don’t hurt her Lara Croft This isn’t the way I hopefully You know I’ve been interested in you too Nancy always is The key of Sasha Sacrifice my life for this Where’s the silver bars of Asia give it to me it’s in a safe place You don’t have it It never occurred to me that you would just take With this ski and the silver box we can remake the world without witness fruity And certainly with none of this But without the box The apocalypse the death of the Sun You’re lying Dharam You felt it when you took the key tremors are common But tsunami is coming and this is the first of many catastrophes you’re doing you would have done the same By taking the key you realize the tragedy not amused Fencing has begun of course to me now. Stop it before it cuts Jesus off Jonah Jonah Laura I’m sorry, I failed What what do you mean? Dominguez he has the dagger. I lost it After everything that my father went through my gate Trinity exactly what they wanted You’ll use the box and a knife to remake the wall until we make it into what I don’t know anything to get rid of Sin, and weakness a man like that way We have to stop him. It’s all my fault Oh, we’ll figure it out. Okay, I promise no no No, we have to get to the hidden city before Trinity. We have to find the silver ball Okay, but first we’re gonna help these people get to safety and then we’ll go after the ball No one is nice not if he gets the Box fast I have to go I’m the only one you’re the only one that can what? You don’t know that you caused all this Laura not everything is about you These people need us here. We can do good now Besides, huh? What do we got to go on a riddle? We’re gonna need more than pink fish and silver crowns to get to the hidden city I’m gonna help these people and then we’ll find us play

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