Sgt Biake’s Story – Helping Military Families

– [speaking French] – [Interpreter] Sergeant Biake is a registered nurse working at the military garrison in Bertoua. – [speaking French] – [Interpreter] When he received the note to come for this training, it was, first of all, a surprise to him coming to training on mental health. There was a point in time he said, well okay,
should I come, or shouldn’t I come? but then he came and has nothing to regret, because he is so happy
for having partaken in this training. It was something that actually helped himself. It was so good for him. – [speaking French] – [Interpreter] This training has actually
made him to see broader, and to be able to know, and understand some of the colleagues, that maybe they lost their life on the war front and their children are now on the street. So this has given him a foresight now to be able to see how best, when he gets back, he’ll be able to organize some of those children, and organize the people that have lost their dear one for the sake of country. How we’ll be able to organize them
and then follow them up and be able to care for those children that have become orphans in this war. And even those who are
coming back from the front and by the time they came back their house,
or their homes, are already in chaos, because some of them, they come back to discover that their wives have been taken
by another person. And these traumatized people, with this training now he’ll be able to know how to actually work with them
and help them out.

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