Senior Exercise

Why is it important for the elderly to
do a little bit of exercise even if it’s just a little bit it can go a long way? Yeah I mean the the short answer is those people live longer there’s something we call all cause mortality which means dying from basically
anything pneumonia car accident depression heart attack people who
exercise especially as they get into older age those people do much better
and live much longer than people who don’t. And I’m glad you brought that up
because it brings to mind my four grandparents they all lived to be God
bless them above 90 actually 94 95 and 96 and I remember they would watch the Miami Dolphins they loved the Dolphins and they would you
know be twisting and lifting their arms and walking around the house in a
commercial and I’d just be like abi abo what are you doing and that’s this is
our 30 seconds it made a difference I’m not sure that was the reason they live
long one can never know but. Right it definitely makes a difference and as I
say it doesn’t have to be you know just go to the gym for an hour kind of thing
little bits of exercise during the day take the stairs go for a walk around the
block that sort of thing they all add up. Now something that’s very common with
older adults doctor is osteoporosis we hear about that a lot in fact someone
that really put it on the map was actress Sally Field and her commercials
which were fantastic what can people do with conditions like osteoporosis and
there she is right there such a beautiful woman great actress too I have
to admit what could people with conditions like osteoporosis and
arthritis do for exercises. Well they can do pretty much anything they just need
to be careful about falls so usually those conditions are treated with
medication but they can do as long as they haven’t broken anything before they
can do most types of exercise usually what we call weight-bearing exercise is
helpful so walking running jogging that sort of thing helps strengthen the bones.

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