[Season 8] For Honor All Combat Translations

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  1. Monk says "Let me chaodu you"

    就让我超度你吧 / 就讓我超度你吧 / jiù ràng wǒ chāo dù nǐ ba

    超度/chaodu means to perform religious ceremonies to help someones soul find peace

  2. 逃しはせぬ (nigashi wa senu) = I won't let you escape
    Nigasu is to "let escape," not "to escape"

    潔く死ね (isagiyoku shine) = Die like a man! or Die with honor!

    ぬるい (nurui) = Weak! or Pitiful!

  3. The only fact I hate is that the latin accents are wrong. For example: Mars me Adiuvat wants the accent on the i, not on the a, so it will be "adIuvat", not "adiuvAt". But for the rest is very good.

    PS: I'm an Italian. Latin is the language that "generates" the actual italian language

  4. I am not even japanese, but still seems to need some explanation for voice line on Shugoki's '我が手中にあり!'.
    Actually this is phrase from the novel 'Journey to the west' which is the origin of monkey king . This was the story that even monkey king has great power to tease and mock all heaven's god, but still he can't escape from Budda's hand.
    So it's precise meaning would be 'You are (still) in my hand' or 'You can never dodge me'.
    Just FYI Haha

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