SALTO al VACÍO | Episodio 6 | TRADERS

Anything can happen here.
I don’t trust a soul. I think we make a great team.
We’re the four strongest legs of the table. Judith and Amparo
had really the worst time. A new day begins.
It’s the turn of the team challenge. Contestants don’t know they are about
to enter the biggest trampoline park in Spain. I was looking forward to seeing
where you were taking us. Considering the possibilities… Anything can happen here.
I don’t trust a soul. You are following someone
and wearing a mask… I was like, “God knows
in what hands I am right now.” I had never had that feeling. RISK AND STRATEGY CHALLENGE WEEK 2 Traders, you are about to face
the second risk and strategy challenge. – Do you want to know about it?
– Yes! – Then, masks off!
– Come on! When we took off the masks
it was like, “Wow, mats. So cool!” It was surprising. I was happy
and looking forward to starting jumping. In today’s challenge, winners
will receive 10 ticks and the immunity. Anything can happen in this high-end test. Belén and Erick
will be the captains of the teams. TEAMS SELECTION You need to pick up
the members of your teams, but who will start to pick up? This merciless thing will decide it. Let’s do this:
I put it here, and cover it up. And you press these buttons. The face that appears will correspond
to the first one to start to pick up. – Okay.
– Come on. Three, two, one… Let’s see. The one starting
to make the team is Belén. It’s my first time as a captain. I tried to create the team
I though it was better for everyone. I think we make a great team.
We’re the four strongest legs of the table. For my team, I first picked up
Juan, Isabel, and Javier. It hurt me a bit because… All my roomies
were in the other team. If they got saved,
I’ll be going into the hole. Teams are made. They will now face three games
in which they will accumulate points. The team with more points
will win the game. Teams are made. Belén has five members and Erick has four.
You are at a disadvantage, right? Yes, they have an extra person. Yes, but I’ll tell you
why this can be poisonous. The three games
will be played four-versus-four. This means it’s up to you to decide
who won’t be playing each game. You cannot repeat.
If Amparo is left out in the first game, she will participate in the next
and someone else will be left out. – Understood?
– Yes. – It’s time to warm up.
– Yes, please. – Let’s warm up?
– Come on! WARMING UP Rotate your wrists
and take some distance. Okay? The coach asked us to make
a rather funny warm up. We were standing on the heels touching each other’s knees
in a sort of warming up. Either I try to touch them,
or to stay in position. Some have big hands
and reach easily. Good. You are ready
for the first game. GAME 1: DODGEBALL Okay, guys.
The first game will be dodgeball. Two versus two
for three minutes. Clear? In Mexico we call dodgeball
“the burning ball”. The game consists
in eliminating the rival, okay? Remember: as in trading, you need precision and concentration
to eliminate your opponents. Erick, do you know
which trader will be left out? We reached
an agreement and decided that the trader
that will be left out is… Jordi. Jordi is left out
from the dodgeball game. With Jordi out of the game,
the teams will play two matches. With five points at stake,
they need to eliminate the opponent. When Belén was eliminated I thought, “I’m now on my own,
let’s do it right.” But in the end Erick shot
and the ball slightly touched me. Otherwise, I’d have made it. On the count of three.
One, two, three, dodgeball! I received the ball and saw Amparo
moving like a gazelle. I shot the ball and,
“Boom. You are dead, go home.” When we eliminated Amparo we thought we already got it. But it wasn’t like that.
We were knocked down. GAME 2: X-PARK Teams head for the X-park zone where their agility, coordination,
and strategy will be crucial to win the points. There are two ramps: one with a rope,
and a higher one with no rope. Contestants have two opportunities
to climb the one they choose. They get one point in the easy ramp
and three in the advanced. The red team leaves Esteban out.
The strategy begins. – As I was left out…
– Let’s give him an opportunity, right? Esteban is doing a demonstration.
Let’s cheer him up! Come on! As soon as I saw the ramp, I said, “Esteban is a cat. If he takes part,
he’ll get the three points.” ERICK’S FIRST ATTEMPT I had no idea how
I was going to grab it on top. In my first attempt I saw
I was able to grab it, it was easy. I took a little run, one step further.
Then I grabbed it and… I made it. It was a relief. Come on, Isabel! Yes! I know life doesn’t always take
the path you planned. That is obvious, but damn it. This is the programme of my life, man. I struggled my entire fucking life. I know life is not easy. I think that… What life has taught me
is that with hard work and effort, you can always achieve your goals. It was my turn to climb the ramp. I looked up
and thought I had to make it. I went for it straightforward
and made it at the first opportunity. AMPARO’S FIRST ATTEMPT Judith and Amparo
had really the worst time. But they made it. It was great. JUAN’S FIRST ATTEMPT I took a step forward but it was short
and I was only able to touch it. I got so pissed off. JUAN’S SECOND AND LAST ATTEMPT Your team doesn’t get the points.
It’s not only you. You fuck up your team. BELÉN’S FIRST ATTEMPT – Come on!
– Yes! Well done, guys! Juan! Juan wants to try again. Watch out, he needs to get even. – Of course he can!
– Yes! My god! In the second game, the green team
got six points and the red, seven, reaching the lead
with only a point of difference. The future of our traders
will be decided in the last game. TEST 3: CLIFF JUMP In trading, having faith in your method
is crucial to not to risk your money. Today, they need to trust that a mat
will protect them from the fall. The game: a trampoline
with three different heights. They get a point in the first height,
two in the second, and three in third one. This time, the red team
decides to leave Belén out. If some of my them said,
“I won’t make it”, I’d have been a bit upset,
because I would have made it. ESTEBAN GOES FOR THE THREE POINTS I wanted to do it first
so they could feel less nervous. And then… I told them not to overthink.
Nothing will happen. JUAN GOES FOR THE THREE POINTS Well done! JORDI GOES FOR THE THREE POINTS I did my best. I’m happy because at least
I got the three points in both games. It’s all I could do. I have always had
some fear of height, that’s the truth. I always try to push forward
but my legs shake at the height. Three points at stake for Amparo
who goes for the highest ramp. I was panicking
but Jordi and Esteban got me ready. They said I just should count.
I wasn’t going to get hurt. Come on! I did something I never expected.
I managed to overcome a mental barrier. I was about to look down and thought,
“If you do it, you’ll never jump.” I was in shock for a moment
because I started to feel dizzy. I was like,
“Wait, stand still.” Come on, Judith! You have to do it for your team. Well done! ERICK GOES FOR THE THREE POINTS The green team is in the lead
with two more points, but Isabel still needs to jump. Will she be confident enough
to jump from the highest height? If she jumps from the lowest height,
you lose with 22 points. If from the medium,
you end in a tie. And if she jumps from the highest,
the three-point height, you win. Isabel, the market is in your hands. – Come on, Isa!
– Let’s do it! We love you! We love you, güey! She goes for the three points! In a regular day, I would have never jumped.
I don’t like suffering. In here, obviously I was going to jump.
Even if I end up dying, I jump. Yes, yes. The red team receives 10 ticks
and gets free from the final trading duel. The green team receives five ticks
and enters the danger zone. One of them will leave
The Factory in the next challenge. Isa was the bravest one. Yes! “Guys, I’m going to jump.” She wanted to do a triple jump.
We had to tell her, “Isabel, not a triple.” Esteban is the expert.
I didn’t want to put him down. Standing on the stand,
suffering until the end… It kills you. We feel fantastic. – Euphoric.
– Great. – I feel the same.
– Wonderful! We feel peaceful and calm. As if we have gotten rid
of a heavy load, like a parachute bag. I’m happy. I stay for another week. Bravo! It’s going to be hard.
This week again… This time I didn’t deserve it. If we had made this game
in the second place and then the ramp, we’d have taken more risks. Exactly. Jumping is not the same as…
Okay, it was from a greater height, but is not the same
as making the effort to climb a ramp. You can see that we are a team. But when it is you who picks them
because you want them to win, and you don’t have the luck… It’s hard. We know that we have
to think about trading tomorrow. Bad. So bad. Let’s see who is going
to put up with them this evening… Hug! Hug! Hug! Not you, but Jordi and I had a kiss… BACK HOME AFTER THE CHALLENGE Well… – Amparo, introduce me.
– Esteban. Look, here we are with our laptops. My buddy here helped me
install the platform in order to study
but he has a problem. I have a real big problem. I know I have to prepare
the graphics of all the things to bring, open and chart the temporalities,
set and test market replay, read my notes… So much to do
that I don’t want to do it. I have to say that he has been
on the laptop all the time, but he wants more. Why, Esteban?
You want to beat us? No, I just want to study.
I’m here to study. – Bit by bit is not enough?
– It’s not. Well, maybe but… Will you make all the historical data?
Five years are good enough? The only thing I’m going
to make right now is a dish of mussels… You can’t hear him. I grab the camera
and he stops and gets shy. He was like, “This cannot be.
I have to study and to play replay…” “I have to analyze everything,
save ATMs for all the temporalities…” “To make historical charts
to have a global view of the market…” This is just a summary. So now I’m thinking
about having a glass of wine. I’m not doing anything else. Exhausting…
This little head never stops. After the risk and strategy challenge
one team is safe, and the other
is closer to the elimination. Who will compete
in this week’s final duel? The answer is on Sunday’s episode.

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