Sales Bootcamp and Coaching Session With Grant Cardone

this is this is the
man right here you got somebody mean just go this is good politics to change
my life man it is about that time oh yeah we ready to go
Miami here we come basil first class we get it go let’s roll pom pom pom pom pom
pom pom pom pom pom pom my man my dear poor friend I mean is that clear but
yours is this is my second time flying first class and normally do you never
want to be the last one on the plane look man
– laughter on the plane guess what I don’t care because when your first class
there’s always room for you baby there’s always room I mean we drive home
oh pretty good don’t ever see this provided for me he has good TV snacks
Cameron pick up or three up dog three now that okay thank you say hello made it to the plate BAM look who it is
I notice guess I missed excuse to YouTube looks low and this is my other
brother right there we’re at the place man I get it
done thank you so much appreciate being here
at the maybe three that’s how over to that boat you’re
laughing on that you’re taking notes already because lasting long as you know
let us know if there were river my name to punitive if they were moaning they’re
not going to go to tirelessly sail to websites and asking the Dozen Lewis
great party they’re going to go to a little socially level and that’s what
the branding she takes place who is it who is his company who is become this
right because even the day allows a person not I’m just going to handle it
people that and this project included the name is do younger Tony Hawk you own
I would have to do some level I have been to before I’m going to go check
this check with these people right so what I got a desire to see my target
game and I think you taught us a little under Corman is enough
wouldn t work come to work every day for one that reason seemed but how many us
have been doing this man I just see what Elliott lasso it was so good it was so
good finally what I did last year man it was so good we just do that again I mean
that the business department heads managers people work in your company man
we can just make Charlie in his wife charleen is weapons it just RT parka Bob
one man if we could just make what was made last year we just say what we say
clashes if we could just invest in archaeal what we did last year will be
good we master if you mash your over over but therefore is that flat line
so I can get those up right understand I want flatline I want to – bump it
popular right I mean then you targeted all times it does here that I argue I
need you driving people to that target I don’t know where targets right now this
vehicle after either right what’s the new target because you gotta help target
that’s just just dragging you around the block
what’s the old target what’s the new truck right now I guess
does that right it going up to the hotel on this fabulous day getting ready for
day two and lift he shows up man it’s the GP there he is
don’t be using that man hey so good is that one out I want to I want to tell my
once on my people this is a guy that started it up because
super successful we take an action duplication
how to be late I just understand and you do but you don’t you don’t challenge
that it means that Kennedy I don’t count anything deliver yeah business is
different or my industries to a burner yes it’s all the things this is it
Matt Matt breakfast seven especially fifty right now in Miami and
having some coffee hang out my boy like a neck boy at your Josh zone almost
alone this guy’s gonna start a YouTube channel manic young construction
companies you have to be like kikyo that deserves a land without a nuisance honor
he’s a Texas boy you’re going to want to get to know him it’s good we’re having
fun how we doing that they’re wonderful you can focus is yours or that camera
last night and there we go you can channels coming up something did we
don’t have fun today I’m gonna give me some updating
all you got to do here on this camera takes of an interface or make it fun to
watch we’re at Grant Cardone sales training man where you go all my people
all my neighbors oh these homies hey buddies this guy’s in long hear that
guys around here we’re all having forward learning why aren’t you here man
wish you’re here company with you here man gay to man is the day to yogi in the
fog man mi Tigre come on we get to be a good guys man he showed up he came to
the back yeah I was very calm but I gonna make a commitment data from the
bottom now we’re here yeah no mr. Garvey in Miami Livengood hey girls I’m
standing you’re hanging out look at this massive tree what is this man okay this is a big man
they say right there Santa this is a big man right there that’s a
big man look at his tree that’s you this guy’s from Texas dogs ha ha everything’s
very including him and the trees look the cameras fogging up hey man we had a
good time dogs yeah all those great learned a lot I don’t
know Gregor don’t you follow me mr. not that great hey you don’t know any like
you don’t know this guy I don’t know what you’re doing
we’re done they’ll boot camp sit in the book
learned a lot learned a lot is going to be you need to do the soap just just me
– you keep saying man this guy this guy he might be a scam artist he has a
rolls-royce and a jet he’s probably got some money he is after you much but he
wants to help you and I give him this guy how much you invest apprentice
$35,000 this weekend bouncing over all 200 grand how much that made you though
the scenario I want to learn from his mistake but I also want to duplicate his
successes and I just want to win man don’t you want to win instead of losing
losing stocks I was a loser for 25 years of odd and now I’m getting a little
taste of victory a little bit a little baby tastes like that they start to feel
good and the more I come to these events the more I do more confident who was
your big desert-like even when you’re here you’re
going to go pee you gotta pee with certainty we’re going to drive a car
certainty you’re going to be wrong he’s certain about being wrong it don’t
matter just be a hundred percent positive it’s like the basketball player
takes a shot he better be certain otherwise he’s gonna miss this he robbing your hardest task addendum
Selfridge on sell your I didn’t sell your business of what your point help the customer come sir there this is
the APUs no way you’re gonna be able to do that you’re not certain so yeah
because one thing one thing we know for sure the customer is all kinds of
uncertainty all kinds of uncertainty they don’t even know what they want
their backyard they don’t even know how big is it
what kind is it what color what pattern how much is it can I afford it
they don’t know so you’re there it help them become certain about their
investment and it is an investment when anyone buys
from you they’re investing in you and your company you didn’t have YouTube
channel pretty soon he has ministerial discovery and he just got a hundred
grand on marketing and advertising this can be big check now that I’ll be on you
like down trunk that you lose it’s all about it’s a hologram yeah good I have
no idea how I’m gonna be here I made the commitment because one thing that I do
know once you commit creativity football intense arts with the commitment they
rat submit first figure the rest out there and he was already sold robbers
walking by my news again I got talking matter of fact let’s do the deal now
and he rolled many times time to contract through our deposit boom does I
know every time I miss exactly the same thing for you pay less
than yourself and they time around it’s gonna turn
into a million over ten a so a lot of a lot of you guys that watch YouTube and I
see the a or comment to do the bottom potato me all you want but look man
you’re really hating on yourself because I’m telling you things that worked for
me and you so need these are work for him and what you’re doing is you’re
hating on that where you can turn around excuse it for yourself and better your
life that is fifteen your mouth basement being a troll don’t want my control man
I want to have some successful people much in my life if you success but I
like him he’s got money I love you Kim what’s more fun than one
person of mine to peel people of mine against a buddy man he won’t be friends
with me or because of him get some money you

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  1. So that guy paid $100,000 that he said he doesn't have an doesn't know how to get but somehow will get/? Dude, send me $100k and let me invest it in multiple investment vehicles for you, you dont have to lift a finger. Easiest money you will ever make. DM me

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  3. Hey buddy I'm from Colorado I started my business 4years ago with a shovel and rake going door to door 4years later I run landscaping lawn Care and I just opened a cleaning service and a roofing company 3months ago but I invested my money in my business my goal is to become a millionaire the next year that's coming in any advice all my money is tied up in my equipment I love your vlogs I found your channel and a love it

  4. Awesome video bro I look up to you can you make videos on biding jobs and how to do the designs like pavers jobs/concrete Im willing to pay for it👌

  5. The fleet still strong?!? No problems with the F550? Working going well? Cool to see how the last year has treated you! Keep it up man

  6. Love your videos Boss! You've inspired me to do so much i am doing things i never imagined i would be able to do and im talking Within the last month or so!! Thanks a lot for everything thanks for sharing your knowledge! You have my full respect! Keep the videos coming! Much love

  7. that guy joshua is not a millionaire i live by him he got flooded also with harvey and asking for money through go fund me wtf what type of multi-millionaire business owner makes a go fund me lmao

  8. I discovered you via Grant. Proud of you love. Keep claiming the life you desire. Head over to my channel for spiritual encouragement. XoXo Miki

  9. I’ll save you $130,000K
    Don’t spend money to impress people you don’t like
    Live on less than you make
    Save and invest
    Help others
    Work hard and move up in life
    Remain faithful
    And I promise you, you’ll be rich

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  11. No hate brotha! I listen to you while I work because it freaking motivates me. I work by myself. I’m done working for other people. But since February of 2018 when I was laid off I landed a $4500 fence job, followed by another $4500 followed by a $2000 job. It went dead for 2 weeks, all I had was tree jobs but the pay out isn’t as rewarding. Now I’m booked up the next 2-3 weeks with about $10000 worth of work. Of course none of this is straight profit but it’s a start. My goal is to get workers so I can do more and to make a 100k this year.

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