Running to Lose Weight – Three Tips

15 thoughts on “Running to Lose Weight – Three Tips

  1. oh i gain weight… stupid muscle… i legit hate it!! I look like I am 300 lbs but i am only 100 lbs but my muscle is UGLY 

  2. Began wrestling season 205 pounds. Beginning practice we ran intensely for 20 minutes to build stamina. Did that every weekday, and at the end of the season I weighed 175 pounds.

  3. the terrain where I live isnt the best for running, so I use a treadmill. Also, I hate running hard so instead I put the speed on around 6mph on a high incline. does the incline help me lose more weight or what else is it used for?

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  5. Love this video! I just started a couch to 5 k app and today is my second scheduled run. This video keeps me motivated 🙂

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