Revit Modeling Exercise – Building Facade using In-place Mass

Hey guys, today we are going to model a facade using In-place mass. Let’s pretend this is the building… Before we model the mass, let me create a face-base family first. This family will be used as a bas of the points for the mass. Create an instance height parameter and lock the extrusion onto the reference plane. Place this face-based family to the wall. Adjust the height of the family, to create different offset from the wall. You can also adjust this after you create the mass. Let’s start the mass. Create points to the face of the face-based family. Select 2 points and create lines between them, and repeat…… It will take a while, I know… IC and select all the lines and change them to Reference Lines. Now you need to select 3 reference lines to create the faces. This will take a while as well…. Do you know a better way to do this? Oops, we need 1 more line. Done. Now you can use wall by face and pick the mass to create walls. Or just give a material to the mass family. Let me find the mesh material… Looking good. Now, let’s adjust the mass without editing it. Just move the face-based family and adjust the height(offset), the mass will follow You can even pick the family and pick new host to move it to different face. Maybe go to the roof….. That’s it. It takes a bit of time to create, but once you created one, you can copy and paste to multiple projects and adjust to suit. Thanks for watching and I will see you soon.

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