Review: Scorpion Exo Combat motorhelm //

With its agressive look, removable chin piece and including 2 visors… this is a super cool motorcycle helmet:
the Scorpion EXO COMBAT. My name is Chester and I rattle. This polycarbonate helmet has an easily removable chin piece… which is super easy to attach through magnets… you just click it in. This helmet is available in 6 colors, including this one with the Stormtrooper look. The visor connects smoothly to the chin piece… and when you take the chin piece off, the helmet does not look weird. The visor is available in multiple colors… the visors that come with the helmet are: clear and light smoke… and there are also visors available in gold, silver and dark smoke. There is ventilation on the top of the helmet. You can open and close it with a switch… and there is ventilation in the chin piece. This you cannot close, it is always open. The very comfortable lining is made out of 100% polyester… and super easy to remove thanks to Velcro.
-And washable! This helmet is suits choppers, custom and naked bikes. Do you like this helmet? Come and have a look in one of our shops. We always guarantee the lowest price, free shipping and the possibility to return within 365 days (in NL). And do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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