‘Release the Snakes!’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

Dr. Ish: Everything you’ve ever
wanted to say but been afraid to, want you
to get it all out today. I ain’t really got
no problems.
My life is good. I’ve never fought so hard
for anything in my life. Come on. I got to stop this (bleep)
What are we doing? Mama: I can feel and see
it’s hurting her. I can see the whole thing
in her face. Guy: Renee went in there with
vengeance on her face. Jennifer, I have to say I have a problem with you
because you don’t trust me. Yeah, Renee, you can’t grow up
for yourself. I think it’s time
you take responsibility
for your own life. Dr. Ish: Sounds like she’s
getting it out. She must feel good
in there, actually, ’cause she usually
holds a lot in. Matt: Amber’s definitely the one
with the shorter fuse. She doesn’t like to fight, but
she’s really, really good at it. Why are you always yelling? ‘Cause you’re
(bleep) crazy. It’s difficult to have sat there
and watched them both constantly fighting. I’m tired of the damn drama. I don’t understand
how this even started. He’s telling you what —
Oh, my (bleep) God, Mom. You do not know him.
He’s a (bleep) woman-abusing, beating, piece of (bleep)
Oh, really? We could not hear what you said
inside that soundproof booth. Judge Toler did. You’re gonna tell your
family members right now what you’ve been afraid
to say. Or we’re gonna release
the snakes. You got 10 seconds. I’m really, really scared
that this is gonna open a lot of wounds that might not
be able to be closed. -[Gasps]
-Ooh! -Oh, my God.
-Let’s do another drill. Mama:
Which way’s the door out? I’ll be on my way the (bleep)
out of here tomorrow. ♪♪

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