100 thoughts on “Rage 2 – Weapons and Abilities Gameplay | PS4

  1. Hola empresa de SONY por favor de con mucho cariño esta empresa siempre fue mi preferida de los video juegos y ahora tengo una ps4 y me gustaria que saquen un left 4 dead porfavor muchos gamers les encantaria la idea ♡

  2. I'm really excited for this and Borderlands 3. The apocalypse is always more fun when it is colorful and crazy.

  3. Solid selection of skills, maybe it lacks challenge a little but we will see.
    BTW There is also some info and car combat in other video: @

  4. Rage 1: weird game with a tribe of weirdos and a little "thriller" to it.
    Rage 2: psychedelic Doom.
    Seriously, what happened?

  5. I don’t like how it’s an rpg ish where enemies have hp bars, instead of making it more like RDR or something where headshots are kills or explosions are one shot and stuff like that

  6. the game just looks plain "plain" by all you do is shoot and from the looks of it "fetch quests" this shoulve been fallout 4

  7. А что случилось то? Только недавно стрельба нормально выглядела, а в этом трейлере выглядит отвратительно.

  8. You can call me hater but this is not RAGE, this is BULLETSTORM
    With this superman as a main hero there will be no place for such atmospheric missions like Dead City from original RAGE
    This clown-ish style completely ruins the game

  9. you can feel id software in that gunplay so much, which isnt bad if the game will bring solid story and interesting world

  10. Pre order to receive the "he's on fire cheat code".. Can we not just get the game later and find the cheat code on the internet

  11. Rage 1 was an Open world half Life, therefore it was one of the Most underrated Games imo. Rage 2 is just serious sam + doom. I mean there isnt Even a Sniper rifle or the crossbow in this Game now. Thanks for letting the initial Idea die

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