Public Speaking For Beginners

– In this video, I’ll
share public speaking tips for beginners. So if you’re just getting started in your stand-up speaking experience, this video is for you. So let’s unpack the details. (gentle music) Hello there and welcome to this channel, Communication Coach. If you’ve never tuned in yet, this channel is here
to help rising leaders increase your personal impact so you can lead the people around you with more excellence. And today we’re talking
about communication skills specifically. If you haven’t had a lot of experience doing stand-up speaking, I’m going to give you
some dos and some don’ts that’ll help move you
in the right direction. And as we talk about these dos and don’ts, I want you to pick out
which ones you think would help you the most
and feel free at any point to comment in that
section below the video. So when I said do’s and don’ts, we’re actually going to
start with the don’ts and then give you the do version of it, so that’s the way we’ll organize it. So the first pair goes like this. Don’t ramble and get long-winded. Anytime a speaker is disorganized, and weaves all around, it’s very hard to follow what he or she is talking about and
instead what you want to do is give a nice organized
and concise message. That means you have to
take the time beforehand when you’re preparing to
create a nice introduction, body and conclusion, make sure you have clear main points and there’s a transition statement between each main point. Your audience is really
going to appreciate an orderly presentation of your ideas, and it’s much more likely
that they’ll remember what you said and really
that’s the whole point of speaking to them in the first place. The next don’t is don’t
look with your eyes in the wrong places. You want to not look over people’s heads or not look at the floor, and not stare at the ceiling or scan around like that. What you want to do is look directly into a person’s eye long
enough to finish a thought and then move on and look directly into the next person’s eyes long enough to finish a thought. One public speaking teacher told me one thought, one look. In other words, about a
sentence or a half a sentence and then move on to the next person. Now, this is very difficult to do if you’re not used to it. It can feel very awkward looking
right into someone’s eyes but you have to gear up for this because that’s what audiences want. We want people to connect with this. If you’re not looking into our eyes and making us feel like
we’re part of this, then you’re not going to
have much of an impact. The next thing you want to do is don’t, rather, this is a don’t, don’t clutter up all your notes with too many details. A lot of times we’re
tempted to jam our notes or our powerpoints with
everything we want to say. But the result is when
we’re nervous in the moment, we end up just locked in to our notes and looking down the
whole time and reading and sounding really stiff, really wooden and you’re not going to
again connect with people. So what you want to do instead is pare down your notes so that you can just have
a conversational style with your audience. And again, as you’re practicing, you have to whittle down those notes so that all you have
is like talking points like a little grocery list of items that you’re going to talk about. And it almost forces you
or at least frees you to connect with people to look up, and to have a nice, normal
conversation with them in your natural personality. The next don’t is you don’t
want to load up your slide with all complicated animations and text. And one of the reasons is you don’t want to stare at it and read from it. The other reason is that
it’s very hard to follow what’s going on if your slides are jam-packed with the detail. What you want to do
instead is to make sure your slides are nice and clear, and simple and help
you make whatever point you’re making in that particular moment. A rule of thumb that I like to use is if you’re spending more
than about two or three minutes on each PowerPoint slide, then you’re probably wasting your time and I don’t recommend using
more than a couple of slides for a presentation anyway
if you’re a beginner because people tend to
over rely on the slides and load up each single
slide with way too much. The next don’t is don’t fidget. Don’t fidget with your hands. Don’t fidget with your feet. Don’t pace back and forth aimlessly because you’re nervous. What you want to do instead
is have nice confident posture where you stand in one
place for a little while and then if you want to
move with a purpose move, stand in another place for a while and then share another
part of your message. Move for the purpose, stand still, share some of your message. Don’t just pace, have nice confident posture. Same thing with your hands. You want to use gestures and emphasize your ideas with your hands. You don’t want to fidget
and put them in your pockets or play with a pen or
do anything else weird or distracting like that. That’s a big part of how
you come across non-verbally and I recommend to you
when you’re practicing, you work on this as well. And the last don’t undo
is how you use your voice. What you don’t want to
do is speak too softly, use a lot of fillers
like um and ah and so. What you want to do is
have a confident voice where you speak loud like
to the back of the room with a nice clear volume. Aim for the back of the room
because just think about it, you have to reach those people. The other thing you
want to do is emphasize your key words with
the sound of your voice and also pause after you share a key idea or a key thought. Pause for a minute, silently. Don’t fill it up with an um or an oh, the pause is much more effective. So here are some dos and don’ts, some tips for beginners. Again as I mentioned, where do you see yourself in here? Which one you think
would help you the most in this list? I would love to hear your comments in that section below. So thanks, God bless and I will see you in the next video.

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  1. When I started doing stuff in church I know two of my problems were being too quiet and not looking up enough I wrote at the top of my notes Loud and Clear. I don't write it anymore but just be self award and monitoring it. By looking up more i can see if they can hear well enough.

  2. Excellent points which we need to remind ourselves of even if we think we already know them. This will help me in my YouTube video productions. Thanks Alex!

  3. Great tips! Thank you! Im using your tips for youtube videos and that is one thing I always notice is my eyes going everywhere! Im going to imagine a different set of eyes on different areas on my iPad !

  4. Hi Alex …..Very Nice Video …If any other video links …..Please share it to me. Are you on facebook….I like to connect.

  5. I'm just shy full stop, but I need to get out of my shell because I'm dealing with a lot of people in my community. Public speaking is one area I really need to work on, the tips some I already know but need to practise more on it

  6. Thank you, Dr. Lyon, for a superb, clear presentation. I need to work my usual propensity to have a massive load of notes in front of me. Best Wishes and thank you!
    John Lombardi

  7. This was So helpful. Thank God for you. This gave me more courage and knowledge to do a good speech as an unwise and nervous beginner in a Speech class Keep it coming. I'm sharing this.

  8. I'm very good in Public Speaking and I always want to do it, because I feel happy but I'm not very good in english speaking that's my problem!

  9. I'm passionate about public speaking. I grew up with the microphone. So far, I've been using this great gift to make some money for myself as I'm always invited to Mc weddings, birthday parties, events and others. I think my flaw Is the fact that I seldom really stand still in a particular spot, but I have a strong voice and always speak confidently especially when I'm prepared for the occasion. Thanks for the video

  10. I need to work on my confident voice because sometimes people can't even hear me. I also need to not be too reliant on the slides as well and take grocery list notes.

  11. I am a liberian and a student. I wish to become an econonomist and a perfect communicator, I think Communication Coach can help me improve my communication skills. Thanks for the guard line. Much love from🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  12. I’m a child stand I agreed to speak at my BFF’s special event but my speech is quite short. Is that fine or does it need to be quite long? But I usually like speaking in front of ppl and this is my first time doing a proper speech. So what do u think I should do?

  13. Has anyone said ‘um’ during your pauses in order to gather your thoughts? I do this too much especially when nervous. When I listen to how I speak back – It sounds incredibly stupid !
    I need to relax, gather my thoughts and speak that which I intend to say. If I need to pause very briefly remain silent without using stupid sounds such as ‘UM’ !!!
    I intend to practice this until it becomes a habit speaking eloquently and smart sounding…..

    I disagree with looking people in the eyes (when only a beginner) when speaking from a stage to a sitting audience, if nervous do this – look barely above their eyes or just barely top of there heads and slowly look around the room pausing a couple of second in one direction before looking in another direction. The seated audience won’t notice the difference & they think your making eye contact. This works if nervous, but should be practiced.
    As you become more confident and sure of yourself – then make eye contact; you need to be bold and confident !

  14. If you are a public speaker, I find it helps to pretend you are speaking directly to someone you know who is sitting all the way in the back of the room, and then pretend you are telling them only- your story. Everything else this video, I learned in High School, but these rules of thumb are not easy to follow. It just takes practice.

  15. Very nice simple tips..just want to add a little humour would be great for the audience and the speaker too..

  16. Hi im 11 years old and im having a graduation speech infront of alot of people im nervous im scared if i laugh in the middle of it and make awkard eyes contact, do you think its fine if i look at the wall behind them? Please give me tips it would help thanks,and how to not get nervous

  17. Love eyes contact technique!
    I have been really struggle with it. Now i know how to work on it. Thanks!

  18. These basics should be helpful for a college student whom I am tutoring. He is going to do Public Speaking 101.
    Thank you!

  19. I'll be speaking in front of my colleagues next week. I'm very afraid as I'm worst in talking with people. This helped a lot. Wish me luck!

  20. Why so many hands movements? They are very annoying and off putting UNLESS you
    are in a hip hop/rap convention.Just look at your hands! they haven't stop moving
    for 5 seconds. Sorry but you look like a human fan.

  21. Could you say something about the Listeners’ psychology of an Audience-centered approach? Noticed that. Thank you sounds like a great idea!

  22. Thanks for the tips. This coming Thursday we will be having our public speaking about marine life.(sharing)

  23. I'll be speaking for the first time in around a month at a video games conference. I am really introvert and it troubles me whether I can keep up with attending my points, while keeping the eye contact.

    Any tips for that or generally for introvert people like me?

    Thanks, and great video!

  24. Thanks for tips, I need more practice to improve my presentation skills. Today I failed, I was criticised that didnt speak loudly and all started asking queustions, this impacted timing. I couldn't follow prepared slides (((

  25. Hi Alex is uptalking acceptable and becoming the norm these days? Even as a non English native speaker I find it incredibly hard to concentrate when a speaker uptalks frequently. Any idea how to desensitize to someone uptalking and instead focus on the contents?

  26. This is quite helpful, I recently gave a speech which I believed I Rambled a lot, which resulted to people not following my speech as it was not concise. No one cheered for me which made me feel really bad. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Excellent tips! I'm studying to become a music teacher, but I've always been a shy, timid person. I used to be so nervous during speeches that I'd forget the note cards in my hands. I recently starting singing solos at my church and it's really scary, but it's also really helping my confidence and public speaking skills

  28. Another great tip is to find a public speaker that you admire. Learn from their presentation and techniques. Copy them as much as you can. You will eventually develop your own style but will carry elements of those speakers you admire for life.

  29. I do public speaking now and then.  My advice, to avoid looking down at notes or lose your train of thought, is to know the subject matter and know it well.  I do not use notes, because my outline power points are filed inside my brain.  Make sure your voice is in good condition by refraining from dairy products and keep your throat conditioned.  I use lemon water and salt water gargles.  Take in a deepest breath possible and exhale a few times.   My style is to make it seem like I'm having conversations with my best friends.  Just some tips I use.

  30. Tomorrow there will be a speech competition in our church and the topic will be given 5 minutes before our speech. I don't know how will I make an organised speech in five minutes. This makes me really nervous can someone please help me with that? I desperately want to win that competition.

  31. All good points.

    For yourself, you should look at reducing those hand movements. In particular, when standing so close to the camera, the hand movements distract from what got are saying.


  32. I am really shy to talk in front of a crowd and I've ran away from public speaking for all my life. But tomorrow I've got an elocution competition and there is no way to run away from it. I know my dream is senseless but now it feels like I too want to speak confidently in front of a crowd. So for this I'm gonna take up this challenge and get out of my fear. Wish me luck !

  33. How do I avoid fillers? I tend to use lots of them, and don't know how to prevent them from creeping into my speech!

  34. I have a habit which when I speak, tend to have my eyes rolling to generate ideas for what I gonna present to others. I cannot look still otherwise I gonna blackout.

  35. But how 'bout me? I know to myself that I am confident to talk in many people but bothered me to talk because i am not good in english that's why i don't want to talk in front of people because i feel bad.

  36. I am not impressed with the advice and if you are seeking guidance, confidence and SIMPLE steps to reduce fear or prepare for an imminent presentation you will learn little from this video.

    Some of the points are relevant but diluted by the irrelevant or too detailed for people that are panicked about the entire experience.

    No room to give ALL of my suggestions beyond: 1) believe people want to hear you, 2) practice your first 1-2 minutes with enthusiasm and breathing so you don’t set wrong pace, 3) do not think of a presentation as a race but a comfortable journey to different rest stops, 4) brief talking point notes only (as mentioned), 5) practice speaking to your brief talking point notes as you will feel natural and likely miss nothing after a few reviews while walking down road talking out loud (look note and start talking – pick empty street so you can speak loud and enthusiastically), 6) after a mile or two of walking with your brief notes you will be home in your house and confident that you can deliver a refined message without memorization which will appear spontaneous and give you confidence.

    Last points now home:
    1) posture, gestures and delivery – review again with same notes with attention to all of these (stand in place and pick one note to start speaking). Check yourself on tempo, body posture and fidgeting as you help your body sync with what you know to say.
    2) fine tune how you use voice inflections to emphasize your sentences you now trust you will have.

    Final points for personal closure and assurance:
    1) video yourself (nothing fancy…just pull a note card with speaking point and start talking)
    2) assess above for irrelevant movements AND USELESS uhms, and-uhms, “and like”, “it was like” – hard to fix if you have being doing this part for years and I just made you realize but at least the rest of your presentation should be fine.

  37. I'm going to participate in a speech contest and I'm so nervous because this is my first time. My teacher told me to stop joking around when we're practicing but it's just me with my weird awkward attitude, I cried because I feel like I'm not making any progress, I feel like I'm hopeless, I wrote too much notes and it's my last chance to practice, I don't want to embarrass myself.

    Sorry lol, I just feel like typing this

    Thankyou for the tips

  38. I had so many opportunities to do public speaking. But I was shy. I had excellent ideas which I told to the person who sat next to me in meetings. He or she would say that loudly. Many times, by the time I organized my thoughts, it was too late for me to speak. I wish somebody had given me some instructions like this when I was younger. Good advice!

  39. The timing for me to watch this informative video couldn’t get any better as we’ll be doing a public speaking in the next week 💐😁

  40. I'm in a college speech class and i'm terrified. My first speech is this friday.
    But I'll keep the short notes tip and i'll remember to pause to breathe too. Great video

  41. Im still a highschool student and we're already discussing extemporaneous speaking. As what I've observed, publick speaking and extempo are the same. This might help me ☺

  42. I am very shy and public speaking is not my thing and beacuse of this I loose many opportunities in my career life.

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