Power Rangers Mystic Force – Return of the Power Rangers | Episode 29 “Light Source”

– Not on our watch! – I have your powers,
you can’t do anything! (intense music) Hey, that’s not fair! Stay still! – Over here! – Hey! Too slow! – I’m getting tired! – How long can we keep this up? – Until we get that jar. – That’s mine! – Yeah! – It doesn’t matter! Look! Fall, my children! What? What happened? – They froze. – That’s right, I thought you
could use some snow power. – Aw shucks! – Udonna, you’re back! – Yes, come on, let’s do it! – Gladly. – Hey, that’s… – [All] Ready, Legendary
Source, Mystic Force! – [Announcer] Galwitt Mysto Neramax! (heroic music) – It was true! They really are the Power Rangers! – Flurry of Snow, White Mystic Ranger! – Mystic Lion Staffs! – [All] Power Rangers, Mystic Force! – You won’t stop me, I’m a terror! – Snow staff, fire! Rangers, let’s combine our powers! – [All] Yeah! – Oh, wait! – [All] Legend Warriors,
United Formation, Fire! – Yes! – Well done! – [All] Mystic Force!

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