Power Rangers Mystic Force – Return of the Power Rangers | Episode 20 “Dark Wish”

[Man] I’m sorry! If we had our magic, they
wouldn’t get away with this! Help! Somebody help me! Magic or no magic, I’m not gonna stand by and watch this. (upbeat music) Run, get out of here! C’mon! [Red] They have no magic powers, yet continue to fight, how strange. [White] Their destruction
is certain, unless– [Black] No. (rangers yell) [Necrolai] Well well, look who’s back! [Black] Even though they
haven’t learned their lesson, they are showing extraordinary courage. [Red] They even had
the nerve to face us. No human has ever done that before. [White] I say their tremendous courage has merited special circumstances, and I vote to reverse the genie’s wish. [Red] I am also convinced. But the vote must be unanimous. What are you gonna do to us? [Necrolai] Something I’ve
wanted to do for a long time. Annihilate you! What’s going on? No! Udonna, what’s happening?
I don’t know. This is such a strange feeling. Yeah! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling the magic. No! Ready! [Rangers] Ready, magical
source, Mystic Force! [Morpher] Galwit Mysto Ranger! (explosion echoes)

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