Power Rangers Mystic Force – Mystic Muscle Fight | Episode 15 “Inner Strength” | Superheroes

This time no one stop
me, with hammer and stick, I crush you and smash ugly city! Fire! Not under my watch. Welcome back, congratulations
on finding the ticket. You weren’t being a bad teacher, I was being a bad student, I know that now. And I knew you had the inner strength to overcome the obstacles in Shalifar, that’s why I sent you there. A new spell code. Way to go, Xander. You’ve earned it. I finish you well off! Ranger up. Ready! [All] Ready! Magical Source, Mystic Force! [Announcer] Galwitt Mysto Ranger! I’ll try my new spell code! (dramatic music) Alright, stronger than a tree! Check out the new physique! You’re no match for me! Okay Rangers, let’s show him
what real strength is about! Ready? [All] Ready! Come on guys! Yeah!

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