Power Rangers Mystic Force – First Morph and Fight | Episode 2 “Broken Spell”

(beeping) Master source, mystic force! Calling Mystic Rangers! (intense music) Strong as tree, Green Mystic Ranger! Ever-Changing as the
wind, Pink Mystic Ranger! Fluid as the sea, Blue Mystic Ranger! Fast as lightning, Yellow Mystic Ranger! Let’s go! Let’s do it! Yeah! Oh yeah! [All] Mystic Force! You want more? Let’s see what I can do with this, magistaff, ha! Magistaff, axe mode. Take this! Bad boys, you forgot your water wings. Pink is not my favorite color, but trust me, it’s not
gonna be yours either. Wind power! Let’s give them a little magistaff jolt and enlighten them! Yeah! Crossbow mode. Yeah! Great job, everyone. We rule!
All right! That went well. Hey!
Whoa. (thunder crashing) Or maybe not. (laughing) I’m back. It’s Torac! Right. We can take him. (laughing) You can try. But you are no match. I call on my sword from the darkness, this is your end. Okay. Now what? Now you will feel the
power of dark magic! I will not be merciful this time. Can’t we talk this over? No. Guess not. You’re doomed. Any last words? Yeah! What? Just one! Hyah! Nick! Yeah!
Aw yeah! Come on! Now there are five. I guess there are. This is as good a time as ever
to start believing in magic. I do believe in magic! Wow! Magical source, mystic force! Calling Mystic Ranger! Red Ranger. Get him, Nick! He believes! Way to go! Fearsome as fire. Red Mystic Ranger! Prove to me your worthiness. Battle my forces. Idiacs arise! You fight with words? So be it. Magistaff, do your thing. Nice. Who doesn’t love soccer? Let’s have some kicks. Magistaff, sword mode. Yeah! Flip time! Yikes! That all you got? I summon the power of the phoenix! That’s hot. Ha. I guess it works after all. Nick, that was awesome. Mystic force? [All] Mystic force!

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