Police Learn Military Combat Techniques to Fight Off Active Shooters | NBC Left Field

We’re gonna acquire a target downrange,
if necessary, and we’re gonna engage it, if necessary. How would you react to an
active shooter? Would you freeze? Or would you fight back? While America debates gun
control, local police officers are preparing themselves, so they don’t
freeze up or flee for their own safety. Since the attack at Columbine school in
1999, mass shootings in the U.S. have risen from 6 to 20 per year—and they’re
getting more deadly. Last October, 58 people were killed and 546 injured in
Las Vegas, in the worst shooting so far. And on Valentine’s Day, 17 students were
shot at a school in Parkland, Florida. You know, the, the tactics have changed. It’s,
it’s very much if we have to get hurt to stop this threat, then then that may
happen, but we’re still gonna do everything we can to stop that threat.
Before Columbine, police would wait for SWAT. But most active shooter attacks end before that happens, when the attacker
escapes or commits suicide— normally inside five minutes. It’s fallen
on first responders to react faster, hunting the shooter, without waiting for
backup. Jourdanton Police Department in Texas show us the world through their
eyes. It’s important that our community needs to know that us, as law enforcement,
we’re constantly training and they look towards us when things go bad.
My mindset is, it was always gonna be someone bigger, stronger, faster out there
than me, so I have to train for that bigger, stronger, faster person. We see that every day around the country, police
departments and sheriff’s departments are rushing towards the sound of gunfire.
We saw it in Orlando, we saw it in San Bernardino, we saw it over and over again. Police are turning to special training
companies like Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training or Alert.
Alert, who’ve partnered with the FBI, used data from past attacks to evolve how future
apprehensions should look, working in all 50 states to prepare officers to face
active shooters. Unfortunately, that’s why we, as law enforcement, are having to go
through these situations. They’re happening more frequently. The
instructors, they may have blanks, but there’s also times where they’re
actually shooting at you with munitions, and they don’t feel very good.
Feels real to me, everything in those situations are very fast pace, time is
not on your side at that point. Even when you know that the scenarios aren’t real
and you know when this is over nobody’s gonna really be hurt, you still
experience some of the same emotions that you would in a real situation, you
still have that adrenaline dump and you’ve got to control your breathing and
slow yourself down mentally, so you can make the correct decisions.
Residents of Jourdanton are familiar with the devastation caused by a mass shooting.
Last year, 26 people were shot at a church 40 minutes east in Sutherland
Springs. Not knowing where the threat is makes your adrenaline go really hard.
Now you’re having to see every small detail while you’re out there. You don’t know if
they’re ducking down in the brush, so it’s better to learn your mistakes in
a training versus learning them out in the real world because in the real world
there is no second chance. Alert are in demand. And with an FBI partnership, they’ve become American law enforcement’s
go-to training system for active shooter apprehension. We rely heavily on people
like the people at Alert and other organizations to keep evolving these
trainings, to keep them relevant, so we need to make sure that we have the right
tools in our toolbox to address these situations in a legal and ethical
fashion on behalf of the people that we serve here. I am saving people for
protection and love, not out of hate. I’m gonna win regardless.

32 thoughts on “Police Learn Military Combat Techniques to Fight Off Active Shooters | NBC Left Field

  1. Why tf wasn’t this implemented before. Like police officers should already know how to deal with a mass shooting like wtf 😂

  2. This seems like a good idea, but I can only imagine an army on our streets every day. There is a reason why the military isn't allowed to operate within the borders of the U.S.

  3. This plague on our nation will continue until we end #NRAcorruption of our police, public unions, and bar associations. If the "good guy with a gun" who shows up has a public pension invested in gun and ammo makers and gives the money we pay them to a union that bribes and pressures politicians to lobby against common sense laws that will reduce crime then they aren't really there to protect YOU. The #NRAcorruptedfirstresponder is an active participant in a conspiracy to create the #guncrime you have been victimized by and they use this as justification for grossly excessive salaries, pensions, and special privileges for themselves. NRA conspirators have engaged in systemic conspiracy from within law enforcement, first responders and government to suppress the collection and collation of accurate guncrime, accidental shootings, discharge or ricochet data sometimes forcing medical professionals to participate. The system is deliberately structured to produce a small number of flag draped police coffins and hospital beds and an exponentially larger number of citizen and children’s coffins and hospital beds yearly.

  4. These assholes are the cause of the problem not the solution. AMERICA NEEDS CONSTABLES WHO SERVE AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC NOT SOLDIER COP. Ban handguns. Give life sentences for gun crimes. Disarm regular police in normal circumstances. Demand all public employees be salary and pension capped at 70k max. Demand that a criminal felony threshold for public pension fraud be established at 3x the median average income of the community which pays with public employees removed from the figure. (In places with unusually high or low MAI use the county or state average) DEMAND AN END TO #NRAcorruption of the police, public unions, and bar associations.

  5. Everyone should realize and remember that this is a temporary measure. The frequency and scale of these mass shootings shouldn't be accepted. it's difficult to determine the best solution, but I think the focus should definitely be on prevention, as opposed to damage control.
    That said, it is of course a good thing that this training is taking place.

  6. There's always a reason why the results will be cops that think their soldiers after all the train to KILL and with the burden of proof on their victim this would just lead to more cops murdering AMERICANS

  7. Mass shootings are the new norm.
    Cant cut into the gun lobbys profits. They got hookers to pay off and campaings to fund.

  8. Ban military style assault weapons like the AR 15 from civilian use and many of these mass shootings will be prevented.

  9. All these keyboard warriors in the comments trying to prove their point of view with false facts and conspiracy crackpot theories . Straight depressing to be honest.

  10. financed by a military industrial complex still owned by the families of nazi warcriminals and ex-slavery-farming dynasties

  11. mandalay was a cartel killing against a fbi weapon salesman and cia lockheed martin plan colombia/air america money launderer

  12. Majority of cops can't even run after a criminal, what's the point of this?
    half of the military can't shoot for shit! lol
    teach them how to lose weight n grow a pair instead

  13. Because there is ZERO chance they'll use this training on normal citizens. After all, smurfs are SO trustworthy.

  14. Learn Military Combat Techniques? perhaps these individuals should join the armed forces and experience combat first hand, no fake bullets, live ammo, real blood and guts, will give them a whole new perspective on “life”. You know, after training, you know you can go home to your family still alive, a “given”, experience the real thing, the uncertainty of “not making it”.

  15. The problem is that police are seeing themselves as the invading army liberating America from ‘those people.’

  16. Stats clearly show PRIVATELY armed citizens save FAR MORE lives, than standing around via "learned helplessness" waiting for STATE employees 2 show up. Thank GOD for the 2nd Amendment 🙂

  17. Oh, I thought the title was something to do with learning about advancing technology and sciences, but no. It's all about guns.

  18. This is kinda stupid, as most police are already former military.
    Even more silly if going up against a former military member skills are usually matched anyway.
    The only thing that tips the scale, is in numbers and sometimes cops have right on ther side.

  19. Police have no right training in a war scenario. There already killing civilians for no reason. This type of training will only enforce their mind set to kill and question later.
    This is not Iraq!
    Have u looked at the stats?
    Thugs on steroids. Never support or give in to the police.

  20. Mass shootings are STAGED FALSE FLAGS! All planned buy the deep state to undermine the 2nd amendment and militarize the police.

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