Playing Apex Legends on Mac (Boot Camp)

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– Apex Legends is one of the hottest games right now, and many of you have requested for me to make a video about
how the game performs on a Mac running Windows 10 via Boot Camp. So, that is exactly
what we’re doing today. Before we get into this, let’s go through some
frequently asked questions about Apex Legends running on Mac. (guns firing) – [Male Soldier] You know I’ll kill you. (upbeat music) – [MrMacRight] First question,
is Apex Legends supported under the macOS operating system? Apex Legends on Mac is
currently not supported. Next question, will Apex
Legends come to Mac? No idea, most likely not. I’ve emailed the developers
with this question, and I’m awaiting a reply. However, I expect Respawn Entertainment have more important things to do right now than port this game to our platform, but don’t say never. Some big AAA games similar to this one in terms of gameplay and graphics have come to our platform
after several months or even years. Hopefully, Respawn see that there is somewhat of a demand for this
game on the Mac platform. Next question, if Apex Legends
isn’t supported under macOS, how do you actually
play the game on a Mac? Currently, the best way to
play Apex Legends on Mac is by installing Windows 10 on your Mac with the application Boot Camp, which comes on every Mac. This is all a free process, and it’s actually pretty simple to set up. You can download a free Windows
10 ISO from the description, and then, you have to
open Boot Camp Assistant, and the application will do the rest. Boot Camp will give you the
best performance possible, as your Mac will run
Windows using all its power, just like any other PC. Check out my tutorial in the description on how to install
Windows 10 onto your Mac. Do not attempt to play Apex Legends under virtual software because
it will perform terribly. All right, last question. Which Macs are capable
of running this game? So, based on my research, I
believe the following Mac models will run the game at
acceptable performance. This would be all MacBook
Pros released since late 2016, all iMacs with AMD GPUs released since late 2014, and all Mac Pros released since late 2013. The following Mac models should
be able to run Apex Legends but with limited performance. The game should work
on 15-inch MacBook Pros released since mid-2015
with AMD Radeon R9 chipsets, and all iMacs released since late 2013 with NVIDIA GPUs should run this game but
may have a low frame rate, much below 60 FPS, and then, all 2012 and up MacBook Airs, 12-inch MacBooks, and Mac Minis will struggle to run this game, running it at the lowest preset settings, and struggling to reach
30 frames per second. – [Male Soldier] Making
contact with enemy. (gun firing) (upbeat music) – [MrMacRight] Okay, so next, we’re gonna be going over my
Mac Performance for this game. I’m running it on a MacBook
Pro, 15-inch, from 2018. I’m playing the game at a
resolution of 1920 by 1080, and I’ve got the Quality Preset to Medium. I’ve got Vsync disabled, and my frame rate is around
55 FPS, sometimes 60. However, it can go down
to the 40s sometimes. For example, when a smoke bomb is thrown, my FPS drops like down to the 30s, or sometimes, it will just
randomly drop to about 40, but it’s always playable. I also noticed that if I played the game in Full Screen mode, my FPS would be higher, and I also noticed that if
I made my target FPS 60 FPS, the game would actually receive a better frame rate
performance towards 60. So the Mac Performance here is okay. It’s not outstanding, but it’s not bad. I wish it could be a bit better, but I’m still pretty pleased that this game was able to perform
in the way that it did. It had no major lag spikes. Frame rate did drop sometimes,
but it was always playable, so I’m pretty happy with
the performance here. – [Male Soldier] I think he’s (guns firing)
active. (glass shattering) (upbeat music)
– So, to conclude, Apex Legends is a very demanding game that should be played on Macs, honestly, with dedicated graphics. I wouldn’t really stress playing this with integrated graphics cards on a Mac. Hopefully, this video gains some traction. Respawn Entertainment sees
that we want the game, and then, they port it to our system. That would be a dream come
true, but will that happen? I doubt it, but who knows? Thank you guys for watching. I hope you learned
something from this video. Let me know if you’re
gonna try out Apex Legends on your Mac via Boot Camp, and let me know how it goes. All right, thanks guys, bye bye!

74 thoughts on “Playing Apex Legends on Mac (Boot Camp)

  1. been doing this already lmfao remeber you dont have to buy windows just skip over which version after selecting the base version of windows 10

  2. Thank you for making this video! I’ve been wondering how it runs on Mac models other than my own, my 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch is able to run Apex at a steady 30 FPS

  3. Hey I run fortnite on boot camp at 70-100fps ingame on late 2013 iMac and it works just fine easily playable and I even stream at 80-100 FPS!!! It’s amazing

  4. Can you set up a petition to ask them to port Apex legends to Mac? This might make them realise that there is a point porting it to our platform, and also realise that there's money to make, which is basically the only thing battle royale game companies care about 😂

  5. I can't figure out Bootcamp . I'll open it and will say that my hard drive is not supported. I hate the interface for Bootcamp. It doesn't want to work with my computer.

  6. I got a Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) , core i7 , RAM 16GB , Graphics : Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB . Can I play smooth Apex on my Mac if I use boot camp window 10?

  7. hey man do you have any idea if spellbreak can run on macbook air 2017 Thanks in advance great vid btw

  8. I have a macbook air 2018
    8gb Ram, Retina display, 256 gb ssd and uhd integrated graphics. Will get a smooth gameplay at least in low settings

  9. I have an early 2015 Macbook Pro (13') with 4GB RAM and Intel Iris Graphics 6100 GPU… I tried Parallel and the game couldn't even load. I was going to try bootcamp but saw this vid… As far as what I understand, it wouldn't work on my mac right? I really wanna play Apex tho (:з」∠) Can anyone confirm that early 2015 MBP can or cannot run Apex?

  10. Hi, does anyone know how to fix the Origin "Online Login is Currently Unavailable" problem? Tried data and time, allowing firewall, and the proxy, but still doesn't work. Plz help. Thx

  11. I got a macbook pro 15inch 2019
    I run apex on boost camp sometime have broken textures
    Is anyone as same as mine

  12. Trying to download windows 10 but I need a USB to do so? Even my external hard drive isn't "big enough" What do I do?

  13. Will this run or work in an iMac Late 2012?? I noticed it's not in the list you said but I just wanna confirm

  14. I don’t know about yall but my 15” 2014 16GB with the intel iris pro graphics played triple A games at low setting with average 45fps on all games
    Managed to get a smooth 58 FPS on Fifa 18 and 19

    Plus you can hibernate your paused windows gaming session, log back into Mac OS for as long as you like and return back to where you left off gaming on windows as long as you didn’t reset the vram

  15. Thanks for this video.
    I have a question:
    Is running winOS his Bootcamp exactly like using VMware? Or: when I run winOS via boot camp, winOS uses mac hardware directly?
    Thank you.

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