35 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

  1. I could use the canon Print Studio Pro plug in with Elements 13 but can't seem to bring it into the 2019 version of Elements. Do you know if it is compatible? Any ideas would be great

  2. What a f***ed up program. It is not logical. So pissed at wasting time trying to figure out what should be simple things. things disappear. Can''t put text where I want it. Can't click on anything on the right pane. Magic wand has just disappeared. Trying to color part of an image and it inserts a gigantic blob. Absolute B.S. Those who know the program must gloat knowing they have power over others. What kind of minds work with garbage like this? I'm done with this.

  3. How do I find the 24 digit serial number in order to use the software? I looked on the box, dvd sleeve, receipt and never could find it. Please help. Thanks

  4. How do I combine 2 images into 1? I want to stack 2 photos onto of each other and save it as 1 whole image. In paint, all I have to do is elongate the workspace vertically and then copy and paste the 2 images. This is so basic but I can't figure out how to do such a simple thing in photoshop! How do I do this in photoshop?

  5. Is this better than the actual photoshop that everyone uses? I kinda wanna buy it but my friend told this one sucks, better to get photoshop than this. Although u pay monthly rather once. So is it better or ?

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