PETER WECKAUF | SAMICS | How to Fight Multiple Attackers – Strategies and self defense techniques

Hello guys and welcome on our YouTube channel! In these video series I want to show you some strategies and techniques against multiple attackers in a really close range I hope you will enjoy this exercise and this kind of training Thank you for watching and enjoy this clip! First I will show you the strategy We have this situation: This is me and these are my two opponents I’m in a L-position If this opponent is behind me – these lines are my arms – then I am in a really strange situation, because I can’t see what is happening behind me But this could happen in real life and it is really important to train for these moments First I have to focus on the one in front of me, I can’t focus on two aggressors at the same time The strategy is, if this one start punching me I try to get on this side Then I am in this position One line Here it’s more like a circle, here I’ve got one line The strategy is to use this guy as a shield against this one and in this situation I will punch my opponent also here I know it isn’t easy, but it is really interesting to train a situation like that. So now I will show you the situation with my partners Okay this is the situation: They are really close to me you see, really close It’s hard for us, because we have almost no time to react on anything Important is to have a strategy I want to go on this side I know that from the beginning Of course you can start to punch at first, but usually then the other guy starts attacking us First it is important to have a good position, I am a little closer to him than to the other guy So then I want to go to this side, so I go out and then I have these two guys in one line So now if he wants to punch me he has to move, he goes over there then I go to the other side at the same time I grab the guy closer to me and punch him like a hook Here I turn my hand so I reach his face with my knuckles So I don’t want to hit like this or like that, I turn my hand I control him through his shirt I punch from the left or from the right side If he comes from this side I go here, if he comes from the other side I go back to this side So first it is important you’ve got a good position Then you have to have a good strategy My strategy for this kind of attack is: I get out through going to the left from my perspective, the right from his Then it is important to keep my arms up So if I stand like that and he punches me from the side, I have no reaction time at all So I put my hands up high, because if he punches me now I can do my cover hit him with a hammer-fist and go to the side and I can start again to punch my opponent I can use the same strategy if he punches him Maybe like this, I go to the side and I can use him as shield again So I don’t change the side, I got my strategy I go to my left side It doesn’t matter if he or he attacks me or both, this is my way out It is important that you have a plan First you have the right position You have a good strategy and your hands are high up If he punches me I use my cover my universal cover which is working in all situations He punches me, I got a good position If he punches me, it’s also good So what I have to do, I have to grab his body here or here, whatever I can reach I pull him here to the side I control him with my hand and then I can punch him, I can hit him I can also hit his back, but it is not as strong as these punches from the side That’s it from us! In the next clip I will show you another technique where he grabs me from the side so you have to have a different strategy I hope you enjoyed this clip and you can learn a lot from it Thanks for watching, see you soon and bye-bye If you liked the clip leave us a thumbs up, share the clip and see you soon!

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  1. Yes I enjoy.. it looks not too hard to remember. Thankyou, I think this is good instruction. If you or one of your instructors ever comes to Australia I'd like to be the first to know, please.

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