Park Bench Workouts with Olympic Lifting

Hi Dan I’m wondering how you would
approach a year-long plan to coach Olympic lifters now is there a place for
park bench workouts in a recreational lifters program. Boy you know I read that
and I almost want to say yep in a recreational lifters plan there’s
absolutely a place for park bench workouts. You know we talked about this a
while ago somebody asked me is there an easy strength approach to the Olympic
lifts and I said sure you’d want to snatch clean and jerk and front squat
for about a two-week period and then a two-week period go snatch clean and jerk
and farmer walk and just repeat that over and over and in the workouts
themselves I would use the rule of 10 probably in the snatches and the Clinton
jerks you probably only want to do maybe just five or six and snatches maybe
after warmups after your warm us five or six quality
snatches and after warmups probably only maybe three clean and
jerks because at the hit they put on your body and then your front squats
could be five set to two after two weeks of that probably the same rep and set
scheme in the in the clean-and-jerk and snatch and then just a daily farmer walk
sled pull some kind of loaded carry just to change things up now you asked about
park bench I like the idea of doing something like that but if you’re not a
good Olympic lifter or you need conditioning or another sort, you might
want to mix it up a little bit. Let’s see on the next part of your question if I
can cover that. My own situation is this I’m 34 I lifted home and I learned the
Olympic lifts years ago but only started training with them a year ago I’m using
Dave Turner’s beginners program, which you can find folks in our From the Ground Up in the members area
we’ll have that program for you. I’m using Dave Turner’s beginner’s program
after completing Mass Made Simple and the goal is to lift in some low-level
meets well that’s that’s actually kind of brilliant Tim. You’re scaring me here.
The park bench programs have got me thinking about would there be a place
for them for a lifter like me but I’m not sure how to fit all of that together and then he credits us for such a great
website but the truth is you should really should thank Brian okay. I like
your idea here. Is it a good idea for an Olympic lifter to do Mass Made Simple in
their career yeah I think that’s not a bad idea. You do this bus bench program
we drive you know you get all those high rep squats I would suggest not eating as
much as you would on a usual mass program and then after that with using
the Dave Turner program you’ll probably be able to use that up to probably three
months take a break three or four months take a break and then you’re probably
done with it because it is a beginner’s program it is based on learning
everything. It really is practice every every workout is practice snatch is
eight sets of two, clean and jerk is eight sets of one, front squats were five
sets of five now they’re five sets of two which I wish we were done when I did
the program and then the military press for five sets of three. Very basic
program, very simple program and it takes care of business. At 34 you’re right
there on the cusp about how much how much other stuff like general
hypertrophy work you might need but honestly you might be getting it from
the front squat and the military press those two by themselves might be taking
care of business. My only concern about staying on the beginning program too
long, is you will get stale but yeah I mean honestly in a sense when I did the Dave Turner
program it was for me a park bench program because if I’m taking one weight
and doing it for eight set eight doubles in the snatch for example, I’m not so
concerned about going up of it it’s a one weight so I just want to make sure I
can get the lifts those 16 reps so it does become kind of park benchy. One thing you’ll find in a program like this, you’ll be able to lift a lot
more, your competition lifts will be much more than your practice lifts. Very much
like the what we learned with the Big 21 program, which is which is one of the
things on the bus bench program site so hey I like where you’re going. I hope I
answered some of the questions but you might want to consider my variation for
you so the Dave Turner program certainly no question about that that works and
then slide to the snatch clean jerk front squat two weeks snatch clean and
jerk farmer walk for two weeks I hope that helped

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