Parcours du combattant : LEGION vs PARKOUR, LA REVANCHE !!

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest
in French Guiana, we find one of the hardest assault course of the world. For 1800 soldiers, each year these races are
a milestone of training of hardening training. It’s here that Riding Zone decided to
to challenge the Foreign Legion, and for that we recruited two of the best
French freerunner, Clément Dumais, 25 years old, finalist of Ninja Warriors and Ultimate
Beastmaster. And Rémi Girard, 21, a true parkour prodigy. In front of them, two elite legionnaires, the
Corporal Som and the first class Vadim.
So who will be the strongest Riding Zone freerunners or the Foreign Legion? Our two freerunners arrive at CEFE, the
Military Training Center in Equatorial Forest. “I came to take my revenge
against the Legion, it’s the second time I do assault courses against them”
Last year, Clement had confronted Major Gerald at the military camp
of Carpiagne. But he had narrowly lost.
“I hope to beat them, to do better than last time ”
“This morning at 8 am, departure for Riding Zone for the challenge, **** good luck. Riding Zone, good luck to you too. May the best win.” “I will give myself thoroughly, do everything I
can to go to the maximum of my abilities that’s what I like to do in sport. The ability to
go beyond your limits, go forward, and we’ll see if that happens. ” Both freerunners and legionaries have three days to train together. “Your first name ?” “Vadim.”
“Ok, I’m Rémi and this is Clément” During this trip, Clément and Rémi are going
to sleep in the middle of the forest, an environment that is unknown to them. Fortunately both
legionnaires, Vadim and Som, are all two holders of the AMF patent, Aides
Forest Monitors, and they assist our two city-dweller in the installation of their hammock. “He has to clean his area, because with the leaves, it will attract ants and scorpions. If he cleans the area, it’s clean and fine. ” This primary forest overflows with incredible biodiversity.
So to prevent a bad encounter goes wrong and to sleep in
security, there are some techniques. “The stakes we see behind are for
the shoes actually. You put it upside down.
This avoids, in the morning, to have a scorpion, a spider, or a weird thing that tickles your toes. ” “The strings must not be dragged on
soil otherwise the ants could get on the ropes and start to
come on the hammock. ” “There are lots of techniques that we learn as we go along. I can not wait to test it all. ” For now, Clément
and Rémi board for 20 minutes of canoe. CEFE is established at the
confluence of Approuague and Mataroni. The training area covers
900 hectares. The goal of the afternoon, the identification of the first assault course , the Liane Trail. Composed of seventeen
obstacles it is known for putting the heart to hard test. Warrant Officer Andrey,
instructor of the CEFE, introduces them to the trail. “From here, hand on the pole. We shout Selva!
We shout Selva, strong! SELVA! ” Selva means jungle in Spanish. An ideal environment for the training
of the military elite. “We have to take a deep breath. There are 17 obstacles,
if you miss breathing, no oxygen, no strength. We do, one, two, three and lie down. Your position to attack is like that. It goes down alone. Throughout the journey, it’s
forbidden to touch the ground. You touch the ground, you start again. It is forbidden to touch the amounts of
obstacles. It is forbidden to spend more than 5 seconds here. Put your foot here in the middle, it’s forbidden. It’s time for Rémi and Clément to adapt to the military crossing’s techniques. “Here, the other too, breathe.” “Do not force your arms. We must instead force on the thighs. ” “The course of lianas is suspended ropes. I never moved on a rope, on the stomach with the only help of my arms, so it was completely new. But we found small
obstacles that looked like what we do. Typically, big metal columns on which it is necessary to
run is really what we do everyday. So both obstacles
new to learn, it is necessary
to take the right techniques. And then things we know, where we can
go a little bit more instinctively. ” This course, Vadim and Som have already
experimented it. Endurance and experience will be their assets for the challenge. “These are quite intense physical efforts, and
over a longer period. So that’s what changes a bit. It is necessary
to adapt our heart rate. To manage to spread more the effort actually. ” “It was hard !” “Good competitors yes, and very strong If they are as fast as right now, it is going to be a beautiful challenge. ” End of the day, back to the bivouac. Freerunners and Legionnaires
put their adversity aside. “Being 24 hours a day with the AMF,
necessarily we exchange, we chat etc … They are super nice.
They try to put us in the competition, eather their leaders
or even us, we want to represent Riding Zone to the end. But in the end, we are all in the same conditions. We sleep all in
the forest. We eat the same thing, the same ration. So there is no advantage, we are all in the same boat. ” “I have chocolate. In addition, I have the morning bonus. ” “You imagine yourself like this for a month, in the forest,
every day ?” One month and three weeks precisely, it’s the time that Vadim and Som spent in the forest to gain their military aid certificate. Seven weeks in total, with for only meals,
army’s rations. “It’s melted cheese spread and that …” “Cheese is hardcore!” “Remi ate it, but I really do not eat that. “It’s consistent.” Early in the morning,
Clément and Rémi get up, after their very first night in the deep forest. “I was not expecting to sleep so well in a hammock, it’s not a 4 stars hotel, but we still had a good
night, we had a good rest. And we are ready. ” It must be, because what awaits them is the tracking of the Pécari Trail. An assault course placed directly inside
mangrove channels. “The Pécari track is really treacherous. It looks beautiful like that, but in the water there is mud, there is
rocks, there are roots too and it’s super complicated to avoid everything
because it takes a lot of energy. ” “Sometimes we take a rock, we stumble, we finish with the head under the water. It’s super intense, it’s really
complicated. That’s why this course is known to be one of the toughest in the world. “You go semi-athletic, I’m going semi-athletic. Passage without dam. Three points of support. ” “Passing an obstacle faster this is not what will give us a big lead. I think the big difference is getting to run fast between obstacles. So
to move well in the mud. ” “And there’s a little worry, as soon as there is jumps, when we landed we sink in the mud. The mud rises to the knees. There is mud that gets into your mouth, who goes into the nose, so it’s not
really enjoyable. ” “It’s like you’re going into
washing machine. We’ve been upside down. It’s hard to walk. We’re like zombies. ” “Tired !” “It’s good! We come back to life with all the stiffness, with the sweat.. It’s nice to have a good bath. ” “And you wash your clothes like that?” “It’s useless to wash them well, you’ll understand tomorrow.” It’s the D-Day! Clément and Rémi will face the
legionaries on both trails. Today they will only have
half an hour to rest between the two of them. Already on the spot, Captain Samuel, commander of the CEFE, welcomes them. “That’s it we arrived at the appointment time. I think we have been loyal on our
side, now you have all the cards in your hands, for you as well as for
you, to show what you are capable of doing. Once again, let the best win. ” “Ok, departure line, go!” Competitors will be timed, and
will pass one by one. The team that will achieve the best time will have won. “Ready? Top” Corporal Som
makes an error from the outset. He loses a few precious seconds. In the end, it will achieve a time of 3min40. For Vadim, only 20 years-old, he achieves a flawless race with extreme speed Vadim signs a record time. 3min0.3!
That’s a minute less than his personal best. “I was surprised by the speed of MFAs. During training they were much slower than this. ” I think they have hidden their game well. They have
have been fast and it was impressive. I have a lot of respect, they chained
the lianas at a speed..! ” “Always ready, do not worry!” It’s our freerunners’ turn ! Clément starts strongly. He skips several
ropes at the same time. A tactic in his favor allowed at the last minute. Rémi is also doing a very good start, until the big net. “Actually, the thing is my foot went too far in net hole, and I really struggled to go up and I lost a lot of strength and a lot of time on it. ” For his part, Clément struggles in the
transitions between obstacles. “I was wasting a lot of time
to think how to settle my feet, to be able to link from one rope to another without
wasting time.” Rémi arrives on the end, but he loses more than
45 seconds on this climbing rope. “This obstacle in the end is really
hard to pass. We must really give everything we have left. ” “The lack of technique, the lack
experience has made that we used essentially our arms actually. We do not used our legs enough. I was giving everything, really mentally I wanted to draw, but there is a moment when the muscles say “I have no more, stop”. Clément finishes the course, 4min07 on the counter. “I’m exhausted there! There is stone, it’s killing me. ” Rémi finishes in 3 minutes 54. The freerunners were longer than the Legion. “End of the first track, I congratulate you. Because it’s still exceptional results and I think you have lived up to your reputation. Now we will go to Pécarie Track and you still have a chance to beat us on one of our tracks. “The other two have given so much on the
Liane track that I said to myself they may be exhausted. And we have a chance to go back in front. A new chance on a new track. Let’s go for our freerunners! “Rémi like me, we go full speed from
the beginning because we are still fresh. So that’s where we can actually win
time. And the first obstacles are like parkour. It’s small things, really simple things. ” But the progression is stopped
arrived at the Chinese hat the obstacle the more impressive of the course. There, when you have both feet
sink into the mud, and you have mud up to your waist and that you can not get out your legs out, it’s the moment you consume your last remaining resources. From that moment, I was really suffering,
every step was a pain. More than once I took a
rock in tibia and that brake you. And the pain also calms you directly.” For his part, Rémi Girard keeps a good pace. “Especially there, we are timed, so we have to hurry, so do a lot of movements, and we’re running out of steam very quickly. ” He manages to get through without losing too much time. For Clément
the exercise is more complicated. “I took a little break before each beam
because I was really at the end of my life. Every step was getting harder and harder.
Every reception was hard. ” Clement arrives at the penultimate
obstacle, the Laotian scale, but his last chances of achieving a good
score flies away on this fall. “When I let go, in fact, my feet were not quite on the wooden plate. So I swung forward and
I got caught in the mud, there was mud in the eyes that
flowed, and I saw nothing. It did not bother me. You’re so in the competition, you do not even think about it. I give myself thoroughly and I forced the mental to go
at the end.” The chronos fall! Clément painfully reaches the 5
minutes 55 sec. While Rémi created the surprise with only 5 minutes 28 sec. It’s the Legionnaires’ turn
to rush in. Will they achieve a better time? “Ok, next up!” Corporal Som rushes first followed by the first class Vadim, still fast! “He must have the right energy, maybe the
pressure from his superiors I do not know. But in any case, he really gave everything.
He fought like a lion. He went to the end of the effort and it’s
amazing what he did. “SELVA” “SELVA” The challenge is coming to an end. The legionaries’ timer
will determine the verdict. “I hope Rémi saved the honor, that he went quickly. We’ll see we have the results in a moment. ” “End of the second challenge on the Pécari track. So the result is a cumulative of
10.37 for the Legion, and 11.43 for you. What makes us still winner of
these challenges. Nevertheless you are largely at 20 out of 20 this scale. It remains really remarkable times for a first run. So you can always
come back next time, measure yourself to other legionaries. But for this year 2018, we remain leader on our tracks. Congratulations to everybody!” More than a competition, this challenge was a great experience for our freerunners. “There is a lot of respect for them and for us. That’s what made the experience even more pleasant. ” “We stayed four days with them, that
went really well. We made friends, we made beautiful encounters, beautiful acquaintances. And I think that all this elements will make that we will remember it for a long time.

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