Pakistan Military Academy kakul Passing Out Parade 2019

PMA KAKUL ABBOTTABAD You Let me also say with utmost conviction that you will be leading some of the best trained motivated and battle-hardened soldiers in the world bear in mind that your nation reposes great trust in you and It must be maintained by achieving high standards of professional Accel’s by the grace of Allah Almighty Pakistan Armed Forces today are highly motivated Battle-hardened and fully aware of the multitude of threats to our beloved country I have no doubt that Pakistan armed forces are fully capable of deterring and defeating aggression across the complete spectrum of threat the recent standoff on our Eastern Front holds testament to this very fact While our operational preparedness and the fitting response defeated the various designs of the enemy it has also amplified our sincere intentions for peace and relationship based on sovereign equality and mutual respect My son seeks a relationship based on sovereign equality and mutual respect with its neighbors Pakistan has been and will always remain promoter of peace as part of its national policy Let there be no doubt that any misadventure or even the slightest breach of our national security will get a befitting response and no sacrifice will be considered too great in accomplishing the sacred cause Pakistan will continue to stand by our Kashmiri brethren in their legitimate struggle for the right of self-determination While we continue to put in our residual moral political and diplomatic efforts to find a solution to this enduring conflict We will leave no stone unturned in exposing the perpetrators and suppressors of innocent Kashmir ease the world must act against the blatant violations of humor fundamental human rights In Indian Occupied Kashmir is the world powerless to take stock of the plight of Kashmiri people in the light of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council the challenges and complexities faced by Pakistan are immense and every group ever growing in nature however The success we have achieved as a nation against the scourge of terrorism has no parallel in the contemporary world Army has played a pivotal and a unique role in this entire effort and it is upon You now to further the gains through your unwavering commitment and sound character Sacrifices rendered by our brave soldiers and officers for peace in the past. Our matchless may Allah be your guide and protector Pakistan Army zindabad Pakistan Pandava Bismillah r-rahman r-rahim. I’m a cashier and officer headed from 109 clunkers today I have been awarded with the sword of honor for being the overall best cadet of my course Besides my hard work. This honor has been bestowed upon me due to the prayers of my parents and the exemplary guidance of instructors inshallah, I will work persistently with the same zeal and commitment in the future and live up to the trust of my nation and expectations of Pakistan army I pray to the Almighty Allah to grant me the perseverance and Resolve to maintain the high standards that I have achieved smell r-rahmani r-rahim’ I am battalion senior under officer Omar from 1 to 9 long course I have been honored with the president’s gold medal today for being the second best cadet of the course I am grateful to Almighty Allah for his blessings I owe this achievement to the prayers of my parents and able guidance of my instructors their faith and touched in my abilities Inshallah. I will keep working hard with same dedication and determination To serve my country and Pakistan Army in the best possible I am course and that officer I shall from dedicated course 14 and I have been a body with commandant stayin today For being overall best lady cadet off my course Besides my hard work This honor has been bestowed upon me due to profound prayers of my parents and evil guidance of my family inshallah I will both persistently with the same zeal and commitment in future and live up to the expectations of my nation and the

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