Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp – Promo Video

– Welcome to the complete
Node.js, Express, and MongoDB bootcamp. This course is your fast track to modern backend development, the perfect all-in-one package that will take you from
a complete beginner to an advanced, highly
skilled Node.js developer. I am Jonas, the author of the best-selling JavaScript and CSS courses here on Udemy, and in this new,
highly-anticipated course, together, we will build this beautiful, feature-rich application,
from start to finish. And building this gigantic project will teach you all the
skills that you need in order to plan, build, and deploy your own Node applications. It’s absolutely the most
fantastic and complete project that you will find in any Node.js course. So what exactly is
included in the package? Well, of course, we take a deep dive into Node.js, the Express
framework, MongoDB databases, and the Mongoose library, and we use these tools to build a server-side rendered website as well as a fast and
scalable restful API, with filtering, sorting,
pagination, and more. Along the way, you will
learn how to manipulate and how to model data in
real world situations, which is a hugely important skill. You will implement real world features such as authentication, authorization, security, geospatial data,
credit card payments, uploading files, sending
emails, and error handling. Finally, we also deploy the
final project to production. And, throughout all this, I will show you all the tips, tricks, and
best practices that you need for modern backend development. But there’s even more, because we also take a look
at how Node actually works. And so, you will learn
all about the event loop, blocking versus non-blocking,
and so much more. So, as you can see, this
is a full-packed course, with over 40 hours of downloadable video, many small coding challenges, and friendly and fast support
in case you ever get stuck, which is super important. So, if you’re still watching this video, you need no more convincing that you too should learn Node.js. And, in fact, tech giants,
like Netflix, PayPal, and Uber have all been using Node.js for years. And so, now, it’s your
turn to do the same. So don’t wait. Join me in the course today,
and I’ll see you inside. (upbeat electronic music)

34 thoughts on “Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp – Promo Video

  1. Hello Jonas I am one of your followers. The courses you offer are very wonderful. I can not find words to describe the beauty of your courses. Excuse me if my English is bad. I use the translator. My brother jonas. There are sites offering free udemy courses. One of these sites offers your courses for free. I swear I do not have the money to buy. Your courses are paid and I want to take your permission until I download the courses and I fully understand that you rejected it because you have changed a great effort on these courses and the truth Your resources must be more than money Please answer me and thank you peace.

  2. Alguien le ha dicho a Jonas Schmedtmann que es el mejor desarrollador full stack y profesor, muchas gracias por tus cursos

  3. Jonas just wanted to ask are you working on something new? And what about some new courses? Especially I wanted to tell you if you can create one for mastering React js.

  4. By your javascript course,I really got passion and interesting in js.You opened my eye's sight and bring me to a new world! What is the BGM of this Promo Video,it's sounds cool!

  5. Hey Jonas, because i bought your course on udemy, i saw one here on Youtube and i think you are not aware or affiliated with it, pls hit me up will direct you to it. He got couples of courses this guy.

  6. There is nobody on the internet who can teach JavaScript in the simplest way as you did in your udemy course. Thank you so much Jonas , I just can't thank you enough for teaching me these skills. Please make courses on react js and angular. Love from India ❤️

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