47 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. I have flown like a bird before, in Acapulco, on a parachute pulled by a motorboat, on its beautiful bay… IT WAS SO COOL !!! 🌅

  2. With trump and republicans in office this country is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuked. Like being in a speeding car with your methed up snowflake uncle in the car.

  3. Lester:"U gotta B kidding ME,"I feel ya,No Base jumping 4 Meee🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️😂🤣💀💀💀

  4. "Here's a little taste of what it would be like if humans could fly."
    That wasn't flying! That was falling with style!!

  5. Only thing I can say is that Lyft needs to do the same thing. I witnessed on a shard ride of the driver saying sexual gestures to a female passenger. I was dropped off before she was, so I hope that is all it was and did not lead to anything else. From what I tried to find is a direct link to an active customer service rep?? One suggestion is like any other public transportation vehicles, a GPS tracking issued by the host company. Also, what may be a good idea is a small GPS monitor on the back of the front seat headrest that shows the passengers where they are . With that, like Uber has implemented a direct 911 feature. With the awareness of the passengers current location can mean the a big help in aiding police officers to the passengers location. Yes, most people have all this on their phones, in a time off crisis pulling out your cellphone in a potential crime incident could get you killed. And, too, again most passengers have cell phones and could use their own phones for GPS (current locations). It shouldn’t be their data being used for a paying service.
    Just a thought ✌🏻

  6. The hard evidence points toward Democrats to be impeached
    not the President
    No proof Trump bribed for an announcement, that never happened
    Schiff put proof in his report of him getting phone transcripts
    of 3 Americans, illegally from AT&T on page 59
    The real aid (javelin missiles) was delayed because Ukraine is corrupt
    Obama's blankets made it there fine earlier.
    You don't have to like Fox, OAN, Newsmax or Blaze.
    But try listening to them during this impeachment
    Because believe me someone is lying and being very unfair

  7. Why is trump apologizing on behalf of the Saudis instead of the Saudis issuing their own public press briefing??

  8. 800,000,000 of evolution on a 6.5 billion year old spinning rock in a 13.8 billion year old Cosmos!
    Just to be human!
    What an amazing expierence.
    I'll take the stairs to Lester.
    Thank you.

  9. Amazon hired their own delivery drivers in May of this year, then suddenly fired them all on October 26,2019. Right at the start of the holiday season. No explanation was given to the drivers. Clearly the delivery volume is there. Why scrap a entire fleet of delivery drivers when they would be needed the most.

  10. A zombie goes nuts and kills innocent people, why and you all trusted him, it just puts a strain on everyone else from that country, why can't these people be trusted. All the crap happening in Canada now young zombies you see it in the news every day. Why do they hate so much? Paradice is a lie.

  11. Jajaja boycott Amazon! Go buy local they don't pay taxes your stupid people! Shooting yourselves in the foot- your malls are closing your people will be out of work then out of money to spend on stupid crap you don't need from
    Amazon! And the weather is KING- blizzards mean no delivery! Whoopa! Go buy locally!

  12. Ok who else noticed This 😂, so stupid, they said, this terrorists attack was the first one by Saida Arabia since 9-11, duhhhhhh, their hasn't been any other terrorists attack by any one else , so Dum

  13. I guess we can be happy he didn't get in one of those planes and hit a building..why are they not keeping a better eye on these foreigners that come here to attend a military training center.??

  14. I bet if the poor migrant would have paid the guards he would still be alive…. Our border protection is corrupt to the top

  15. They deported my dad with expired travel documents.The worst thing is that they were being detained in facilities with air condition set on cold in winter!!!! He was diagnosed with pneumonia.My question is, are individual at ICE human beings,or are immigrants lesser beings?

  16. Inez Qtaish will not sign no contract taking settlement from the state of chicago Illinois officials i am suing , Inez Qtaish will not compromise with state of chicago Illinois officials i am suing and no deals with the state of Chicago Illinois officials so news Ly

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