New Mexico compound raid: prosecutors say suspect trained children for shootings

Charged with 11 counts of child abuse
Siraj Wahhaj made his first court appearance on Wednesday along with
another man and three woman believed to be the mothers of the 11 children
discovered in a squalid New Mexico compound last week. During the hearing,
prosecutors accused Wahhaj of training the children to carry out
school shootings with assault rifles Wahhaj is also under investigation
for the death of a 12th child, possibly his son Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, after a body
was found in a second raid on the compound Monday. We did find remains of a young boy. Those have been turned over to the
office of medical investigations. No positive identification of that child
has been made at this time. We discovered the remains yesterday on Abdul’s 4th birthday. Authorities searched the compound on Friday after receiving a distress message
asking for help. The area had been under FBI surveillance for weeks but agents
hadn’t found probable cause to raid the property. Upon entering they found eleven
children aged 1 to 15 living in filthy conditions with no clean water or
electricity and barely any food. Siraj Wahhaj, who was heavily armed at the time of
the raid, was taken into custody without incident. Investigators have so far not found any evidence linking him to a terrorist

5 thoughts on “New Mexico compound raid: prosecutors say suspect trained children for shootings

  1. The officer is obviously distraught over the discovery of the boys body. Wahhaj killed his own son by denying him medical care and kidnapping him from his loving mother.

  2. They say they weren't able to connect him to a terror group?
    It's so simple even the Quran can tell you which terror group that are related to

  3. Hey mainstream media, make excuses for this guy. Say he's mentally ill or something.
    Thank the government for allowing terrorists to set up baby terror incubators on your soil.
    Wake the hell up. your country is being ruined sold and given away as fast as possible, and all you can think is what new tv soap opera is happening. Your world is going to change against your best interests and those of your children. You are losing your country.

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