Nepalese in US Military – MEPS | Nepali VLog 3

This Place looks awesome right now there are people chanting ‘Hare Ram hare Krishna’ they were calling me down there should be fun, I’m about to go check it out… guys look how nice that looks! they did a good job. that looks awesome they decorated the whole street, its awesome those people over there chanting ‘hare Ram hare Krishna’ Today I am going to tell you about MEPS After the initial first 2 steps You will be sent to MEPS.. MEPS is Military Entrance Processing Station Its a unit .. they do all the when you go there Recruiter brings you there you won’t have to drive there You will be brought to nearest MEP Station after making an appointment It will be for two days The night you arrive there you will stay at the hotel, its reserved by the DoD All branches stay stay at the hotel together After you eat dinner You will also have a roomate at the hotel The next morning you will go to MEPS After you reach there They do audiogram (hearing test) Vision test (eye exam) – depth perception, color blindness They check everything while you are there Walking (duck-walk) Blood pressure etc. everything in will be tested including bones, joints. How they function etc. It will take all day to get them checked. Basically, all your medical evaluation will be conducted. Towards the end of the day, in a room with a physician, you will strip down and get naked, and will be checked. to see everything is upto the standard. Tattoos, (how many), if you have scars, if any, where they are located. Basically your identifiers in your body will be checked. if any, where they are located. Basically your identifiers in your body will be checked. Scars, moles, tattoos etc. After that… After that… You will be waiting for a long time .. LONG TIME After all that, at the end of the day.. What happens is that.. everyone who is entering your branch will be gathered together.. You will raise your right hand and Oath of Enlistment ceremony will be held Okay.. now we are about to make mo:mo We are eating Mo:Mo for dinner Where is the Mo:Mo hon? I am tasked with mixing the meat Chicken Mo:Mo, Chicken Rest for a bit.. my hands are tired Cheers This Painting, we got it when we went to Everest Base Camp Few months ago during the summer We bought it in Thamel from a local artist from Bhaktapur Support the local artist man He was really good at it Support the local artist, local food ** TV playing in the background** ** TV playing in the background** ** TV playing in the background** Yeaaa.. check this out How long will it take to cook? About 12 mins

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  1. What if I'm an non citizen, do I get the job I want ? What are good jobs in the military for non citizens??

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