Modern Mom (मोम) vs Desi Maa (माँ) …. | #MyMissAnand #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

I’ve come up this time in the video after a long time so get this video to 2,00,000 Likes Mumma my birthday is coming plz get me some new dresses ok ordering it now you are looking so beautiful in this dress Your daughter is looking stylish?? is this a designer dress no I’ve bought in Online from Hopscotch Actually “Go Banana Sale” is going on there so I’ve ordered some dresses for Anantya As I don’t have credit card so won’t be able to buy Online why not? You can buy them Cash on Delivery and how others can buy? my b’day is coming plz get me a new frock try it its too loose plz return it back it would get fitted you well after five years recite a poem to her We’re going to Pinky Aunty house so take care of things don’t get rush over the snacks Sarita is so talented she too is talented want to eat something Ok lets make Tofu Waffle for you Mumma lets order it online Mummy willing to eat something yummy even me too willing for the same go and cook cook even for me as well got bored of playing wanna to join for summer activity classes Ok join for swimming classes bored of swimming too ok now join for dance classes Mumma what should I do now? Mummy I’ve got bored in these summer vacations let me join for activity classes ok if you are free help me out in house cleaning I forgot my school reopen from tomorrow let me prepare for it Mumma make me Party ready Mummy as we’re going for wedding should I apply mehendi she didn’t do her homework but I watched her sitting beside her she was doing her homework its ok I’ll take care of it next time Mumma your were busy with your cell phone that day why don’t you let her study why don’t you make to do her homework she always keeps on studying all day long even we don’t let her to do any household chores ok then what about that cleaning & mopping, cooking etc…. don’t worry now will let her to do her homework well just reach to home once!!! you’re doing a good job Mummy its free you’re doing great can you fill it fill this too… anything else… yeah that syntax tank these Maths formulae are tough to do lets check it on laptop so easy tricks you can understand well can’t be able to do these maths formulae plz tell me its answer no answer my child Wished if my parents were taught me so will able to teach you today so only to say Beti Bachao aur Beti Padhao

100 thoughts on “Modern Mom (मोम) vs Desi Maa (माँ) …. | #MyMissAnand #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

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  2. app log bhaut accha viedo banati hai agar app dusra viedo banaye to please hame bataye ga please like suscribe my comment anandya bhaut cute lagti ho so sweet☺☺☺

  3. Ye cheej glat h MAA to MAA hoti h fark bas amir grib or anpad or pdelikhe ka hota h pyar me dono ke kmi nhi hoti h jitna time aaj ki ldkiyo ko milta h apne bachcho ke liye utna gav ke maao ko nhi milta h unhe ghr or bhar dono ka krna hota h or unka kam bhi hard hota h aaj un MMA ki betiya hi ye chej krti h ki jo hme bachpan e nhi mila hum apne bachcho ko jrur denge dhire dhire bacho ka bhachpan badl rha h

  4. Ho ya na ho sabki ki maa ek hoti hai maa datti bhi ha or pyar bhi karti hai koi bhi maa buri nahi hoti hai wo humlog ko datti hai jab bacche galat kam karte ha Thank you

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