100 thoughts on “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – Dev Diary 2 – Multiplayer – iPhone / iPad / Android

  1. Hi gameloft..i tried to purchased nova 3 on your website using my phone credit…and it said that it will send me a message to dwnload the game .. But i dont get the messge at all

  2. gameloft i have ipad2 and with latest ios version its so frustrating that the last update wont download for couple of days! i am trying every hour its so frustrating last update is totally fail. and please fix the miles away knifing skill.

  3. Hi!

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing the update issue. You will receive the necessary instructions from our Customer Care representatives if you contact them through the following website: support.gameloft.com

    Thank you!

  4. the only solution i read(and i know), is to delete the app, mc4, on my ipad and re download it, instead of updating the game. If i delete my mc4 and download it all over again will my recent bought guns and earned money will still be on or will going to default it and start all over again?

  5. Are you plaining to create new game , whitch will take all advantages of iPad 4 quad core graphics and Retina?

  6. gameloft please adapt a version of modern combat for users of windows phone 7.8, since many users are very frustrated because they only have modern combat 4 for windows phone 8, and please excuse me for my horrible english!! I thank you.

  7. Me too!!! They want you to buy their coins after paying nearly 7 bucks for this…. Gameloft games are so amazing its just that sometimes the become super greedy

  8. MC4 is awesome only cause MC4 is more challenging you want it like mc3
    MC4 has every epicness needed and mc3 does not..

  9. Hi Gameloft! 😀 Can you make the Duo Gamer compatible with MC4? Can you also make a video on tips on online multiplayer because I suck 🙁

  10. Hi Gameloft, the game is verry nice : ) but in the multiplayer mode, is it sometimes borring, make pleas a new update with new maps for the app… make this pleas! : )

  11. Hey gameloft, I started to have lagging and crashing issues after the latest update, and that prevents me from playing the campaign and the multiplayer. Please fix.

    Thank You!

  12. Hey Gameloft can you guys PLEASE FIX the Android Leaderboard? The stats that display on my HOX is now not like the one in the Website. I'm already Prestige 3 but in the Website it shows that im still Prestige 1. Thank You!

  13. Hi Gameloft
    after the Update of mc4 my gameplay in online have been laggin very badly so can u fix this issue thanks 🙂

  14. @gameloft
    i recently bought mc4 for my samsung galaxy s3 mini
    is it normal that i encounter pretty heavy lags in multiplayer?
    many others seem to have the same problem on android phones
    will there be an update to fix this issue?

  15. @alierkuai stfu. Your telling me all that hard work they're doing to make this game realistic and good graphics. To not get one cent out of it? Get a job

  16. hi,
    i have problem with modern combat 4 live Multiplayer MELTDOWN UPDATE
    , i log in but while selecting the team battle for example it is not opening and it is searching but nothing appears! :C

  17. Yes more guns and also did u take away some of those sights cause I saw them up there but I couldn't find them on my game

  18. Oh gameloft please let this be the next gen for ps4 and Xone and pc please please…. I love you for ever it feels like call of duty ghost but lot different right


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