Mirko Cro Cop explains how he trained his famous high kick

I didn’t know that I would become a fighter, I I just wanted to train You’re a self-taught fighter and that specialty has been following you throughout career and also in training with others Yes, I did not have gloves and bandages, I have something small, like a gloves for shadow boks I had a bag that was not provided for kicking with hans It was made out of a tenth wing. As I was incorvensant, I mixed the sawdust and the sand. Of course the sand wolud have fall down, it was like cement Disaster, I almost broke my leg but I was fanatic I trained in the garage and on the other side there was a pigsty I could hear the pigs snorting The garage was open, in the winter there would be two meters of snow in it I would first clean the snow, below there was some carpet like this one here. I was barefoot at minus 15 degrees and I was just kick, and kick. My father sometimes begged me to stop My father made me some kind of boxing speed ball, looking like a pear It didnt have a mechanism, and I just floated it up to the platform I could only hit the high kicks and I made 300 or 400 of them in one night That is how I developed that feeling Perfect timing, feeling, speed, flexibility… I developed that as i child

35 thoughts on “Mirko Cro Cop explains how he trained his famous high kick

  1. Is it possible to get English subs for the full podcast? I'm English, could listen to Croatian all day but unfortunately I don't speak the language but it's rare I see Cro cop speak openly like this

  2. Why I have a feeling that I hear russian language tell me please. Does history of Croatia has anything to do with Russia? Have your language been developed with influence of russian or smth? Just curious

  3. short story shorter, he only had equipment to train on high kicks when younger therefor becomes one of the greatest kickers in history.

  4. e ko god je radio ovaj prevod treba da dobije otkaz momentalno, jebote kakvih gresaka i kakvih nebuloza u recenicama, pa sanse da neko ko prica engleski ovo razumije ravne nuli

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