Military veteran appreciates apprenticeship opportunity at Chatt Valley State Community College

I spent 21 and a half years in the military, and there’s not a lot of call for that kind of work, In reconnaissance and security in the civilian world, so I was struggling to find a job. I come here to get a business management degree on the advice of some friends and I went home and I wasn’t excited about it. I like to blacksmith as a hobby and I also wanted to learn a trade. So I spun around and came back the next day and asked them ‘Can I change over to welding?’ And what impressed me about Chattahoochee Valley is that as much as they focus on our education and our training they’re looking for a way for us to apply that once we graduate or even before. Mr. Langley and Mr. Cooper make it their business to go around and develop relationships with local industries I’m currently going through the cooperation class where we can either work on projects here in the classroom or we can go to a local area business and I guess you can call it apprentice there. It’s close to home, I get paid to attend while I’m still accomplishing my course requirements, getting job experience in the trade. One of Mr. Langely’s comments in one of my previous classes was that he would not stand in the way of us getting employment if, you know, a good job came along and he thought it was worth our time. And that just impressed me because it showed that the instructors care, that it’s not about being a degree mill, it’s literally about setting you up for success and if they can getting you that employment that we all really want.

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