24 thoughts on “Military Entrance Processing Station | Boot Camp

  1. They didn't seem rude to me at all. Sure, you could tell they were a little worn and unenthusiastic at times from all the people to process. But I never noticed any actual rudeness.

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  5. the people at the MEPS I went to were pleasant. Just keep you mouth shut, LISTEN AND DO EXACTLY AS THEY SAY the first time. and if your recruiter tells you helpful info. DO IT. bring a book because it will be a lot day. Dont be the dumbass to bring a swiss army knife or unnecessary items when you go. prepare for the duck walk. lol

  6. YOU ARE NOT SUBJECT TO MILITARY LAW UNTIL YOU SET FOOT ON YOUR BOOT CAMP! So no. It is not too late to turn back. In fact people drop out all the time before basic

  7. My MEPS experience was fun. I went to MEPS 4 times. First to take my ASVAB, got a 78, next to get my physical, passed it, third for the DLAB, got a 103, and 4th to swear in. The people were polite and most of them had a good sense of humor. Physical was stop and go, no other way to describe it. I didn't get much sleep at the hotel the night before and I was tired by the time I got to my recruiter's office. And I got the news that I would have to go back that night and take the DLAB for my MOS, so sleep deprived day 2 at MEPS lol. The hotel and meeting the recruits is awesome though, I got a guy's number and 2 people will be shipping out with me so that's cool.

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