Military Cadence Calls : Military Cadence Demo

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, my name is Christopher
Howell with Expert Village and today, we’re going to talk about military cadences. Now,
I’m going to show you again. This time I’m going to show you from the other side. So,
this time you’ll be seeing my right foot touch the ground but I’ll be still be calling it
on the left. Ready? Left right on left. Left, right. Right, left. And those are more short
steps. Now, sometimes they will call out for longer steps. They’ll say, “Okay. Now, reach
your steps.” or “Stretch your steps out.” And when they do that, they’re just telling
you basically take bigger steps ’cause others slow the cadence down or they might even speed
it up. But usually if they’re going to speed it up, it’s going to be short steps, nothing
too big. And then with the short steps will call like halftime, they’ll say “Halftime
speed.” And so, you do shorter steps. You go left right on left, right on left, right.
Right, left. And they usually do this halftime speed is when they’re trying to straighten
out the formation. You’re not really going anywhere but you’re just trying to clean it
up, you want get everyone side by side, front to back, straight and parallel and you just
have your perfect little rectangle going.

6 thoughts on “Military Cadence Calls : Military Cadence Demo

  1. And how do you know this? I've been doing military stuff all my life and this guy sounds like he is in the military so maybe try to do some research before you blurt out stupid things.

  2. well..i guess you suck to…and maybe he should tuck in his PT shirt..

    and wtf kinda shorts does he have on…not ARMY PT shorts


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