Military Cadence Calls : How to do a Military Stutter Step

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, my name is Christopher
Howell with Expert Village and today, we’re going to talk about military cadences. Left,
right. Right on left. And then, you’ll actually–they’ll teach you a move called a “stutter step”.
And the stutter step is for when you come out of sync to get back in sync. And the stutter
step looks a little something like this. Let’s say I’m on my right foot but I’m supposed
to be on my left foot. So, I actually do a little stutter kick which should be just like
that. I’ll show you from the side. Let’s say my left foot is down at the time but my right
foot needs to be down. Well, then I’ll do a stutter step which I’ll just kick the back
of my foot and usually that little stutter step will put me right back in sync. Because
it’s not like an actual step, it’s a little half step, and by the time he says left foot
again, my left foot will be right up and you just use a little stutter step.

10 thoughts on “Military Cadence Calls : How to do a Military Stutter Step

  1. yeah its called a change step. and you don't NEED to kick the back of your foot costhat make you look a little like a fairy. Try just stepping behind ur foot instead.

  2. First of all, it's called a change step, don't know where the fuck you got "stutter step" from. And second, that's not even how you perform it, so just stop making videos and misinforming people.

  3. How is he a 'military trainer'? He has no clue, does he? Its 'change step. And there is no a hop in change step. (god I hoe he's not teaching drill.)

  4. What is the use in making a video like this, besides the fact this guy is not a "military trainer" like it says in the description. The only people who need to know change step march are people in the military and they are in the military therefore they will be taught by Drill Instructors, Drill Sergeants etc

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