Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the mage-tank, Esmeralda. Esmeralda has a good set shield, buff, area-of-effect,
burst, and blink skills. Our Astrologer, Esmeralda, is a mage-tank
hero. I consider Esmeralda as a durable tank since
she can absorb shield from enemies. The only downside is, she provides shield
to enemies, but she can absorb it in return. Not only that, her basic attack deals physical
and magic damage because of her passive skill. Also, her ultimate lets her jump inside team
fights, which will utilize her shield absorption on enemies. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Esmeralda based on my experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain her skills
one by one for further understanding. Esmeralda’s passive, Starmoon Casket, lets Esmeralda use the power of Stardust and the Frostmoon. Each basic attack and skills deal damage twice. The stardust deals Physical Damage,
while Frostmoon deals Magic Damage. Frostmoon damage gives a shield to the opponent, equivalent to 150% of the damage dealt by Frostmoon. You might be surprised why she gives shield
to enemies. Well, this will be explained later on. Chill! Aside from that, Esmeralda’s damage ignores
shield absorption. Meaning, her attacks and skills can pierce
through shield absorption. Lastly, she converts her shield into Health
Points gradually. Esmeralda’s first skill, Frostmoon Shield, lets Esmeralda generate a shield depending on her magic power. It also grants her additional movement speed. This speed increase decays in a short time. Meanwhile, she gradually absorbs the shield
of nearby enemies and turns it into a shield of her own. This skill now gives you an idea on why she
grants shield to enemies with her passive skill. If you don’t get it yet, we will explain
it later on. Esmeralda’s second skill, Stardust Dance,
lets Esmeralda to whip Stardust and Frostmoon. Stardust deals Physical Damage, while Frostmoon
deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies. Dealing damage to enemies will reduce Frostmoon
Shield’s cool down by 1 second. Esmeralda’s ultimate skill, Falling Starmoon, lets Esmeralda jump into the designated location to deal damage to enemies. Upon clicking this skill, you can hold and
charge this skill. The longer you charge, the stronger the damage
will be. Upon releasing, Stardust will be shot into
the designated location. Stardust projectile will deal Physical Damage
to the enemies. Then afterwards, Esmeralda will be jumping
into the same location shooting Frostmoon this time. Frostmoon will deal Magic damage. There are so many items that you can buy for
Esmeralda. You can either focus on Magic Damage items,
or items that gives you High Health Points, and Physical or Magical Defense. For me, I choose to buy items that gives Magic
Damage, Health Points, Defense to Esmeralda, and slowing effects to the enemies. As for starting item, you can consider buying
Demon Shoes. Demon shoes grants mana regeneration and movement
speed. Its unique passive regenerates your mana upon
eliminating minions. It also regenerates your mana upon killing
an enemy hero or assisting an ally. You can consider buying Clock of Destiny. This grants you magic damage, health points,
and mana. Its unique passive grants additional Health
Points and magic attack every 30 seconds, permanently. This stacks up to 10 times only. When the maximum stack of 10 has been reached,
the hero will receive extra 5% magic damage, and additional 300 mana. Buying magic items such as Lightning Truncheon,
will help you deal more burst damage. This item gives you magic power, mana, and
cool down reduction. Its unique passive will deal magic damage
to your target and two other enemies when you use a skill. This unique passive has a short cooldown. You can consider buying Oracle. This grants Health Points, Magical Defense,
and Cool Down Reduction. Its unique passive raises shield absorption
and HP regeneration effects by 25%. This can significantly boost your Shield generation
and HP Regeneration. You might want to consider Dominance Ice. This item grants Mana, Physical Defense, and
Critical Chance Reduction. Its unique effect grants 10% cool down reduction. Its unique passive lowers the movement and
attack speed of nearby enemy heroes. The bonus mana is also good for the Lightning
Truncheon’s unique passive damage. Lastly, you can consider Twilight Armor. This item grants you Health Points, Mana,
and Health Points Regeneration. Its unique passive doesn’t let your hero
receive more than 900 Physical Damage. This unique passive has a short cool down. The bonus mana is also good for the Lightning
Truncheon’s unique passive damage. The item build for Esmeralda really depends
on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spell to be used on Esmeralda
is Aegis. This grants shield to your hero that can absorb
a certain amount of damage. Fifty percent of the shield amount is also
granted, to the nearest ally with the lowest health. This can help your team mate survive team
fights, specially roles like marksman and mage. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Tank Emblem set. Custom Tank Emblem could provide extra stats
according to your needs as a Tank. Set Vitality to its Max level because it can
give you additional health points. Higher Health Points means higher chance of
survival during the early game. Setting Inspire to max level will provide
cool down reduction on your skills. Higher cool down reduction means you can use
your skills again faster than usual. Get Tenacity to gain an increased Physical
and Magical Defense, when your health points gets below 40%. This is pretty helpful in terms of durability
and survival. Set second skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the cool down lower,
and the base and added damage higher. That means, you can deal more damage to enemies,
and grant less cool down on your first skill. Prioritize first skill less since second skill
is what you need for damaging enemies, and reducing cool down for your first skill. Always upgrade the ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Esmeralda’s passive makes Esmeralda hybrid,
because the damage of Stardust and Frostmoon have different types of damage. Stardust deals Physical Damage, while Frostmoon
deals Magical Damage. Every time Esmeralda gains a shield, she converts
it into health points. This makes sense, because Esmeralda can steal
the shield she grants to enemies with her first skill. Just imagine group of enemies being hit by
your attacks. You grant them shield on your every attack
because of your passive skill. Now, with your first skill’s ability to
absorb the shield from the enemies, this will make Esmeralda durable more than
ever. Your first skill buffs Esmeralda with a shield. With your passive skill, the shield granted
by your first skill lets you heal yourself. This will let you aid yourself instantly, without worrying about going back to base always. Your second skill is what deals damage to
surrounding enemies. This may grant them shield, but with your
first skill, the shield granted will be absorbed for your
consumption. Now for her ultimate skill, it doesn’t have
a crowd-control effect. But in return, it deals burst damage. Being able to build items that grants Magic
Power can boost her ultimate skill. If you don’t build magic items, her ultimate
skill will just be for blinking in team fights, and not for burst damaging. Now, let’s talk about her combo. First, I charge her ultimate skill. This is what I need to go in team fights perfectly. Just make sure to charge this where enemies
couldn’t see you, so you can catch them off-guard. Then, I release it to the area with the most
enemies. This will deal burst damage to all the enemies
in the area. Then, I use my second skill. This will damage and grant shield to surrounding
enemies. Now, I use my first skill to absorb the shield
granted by my previous attacks. This will grant me more durability inside
the team fight. Now, I just use second and first skill whenever
it’s on cool down. It’s the best that you can do so far. You just need to wish that your team mates
have the fire power, to finish the enemies before you’re dead. Additional Tip:
Never try to fight against more than 1 enemy alone in the early game. You might be durable, but you still don’t
have enough fire power to finish them off. You might be left bleeding on the ground,
wishing you shouldn’t have played Esmeralda. On a side note, I don’t know why she feels
heavy when walking. I wonder why. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Esmeralda. This video just guides you on how to use Esmeralda,
the Kurumi way. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Esmeralda. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to my channel for more contents
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  1. Wouldn't a mage build better ? Since her shield comes from her magic dmg ..oh btw her passive makes her regen from Aegis and Athena shield too :3

  2. once again we have another useful bootcamp! thanks for making this, maybe buying esmeralda is the next thing i'll do, hehehe~

    Oh, and if you may. please do make a Boot Camp for Rafaela <3

  3. 0:55

    This is just a secure kill for Esmeralda. Look at Selena, she just stopped waiting for Esmeralda to kill Harley.

  4. 9:31

    Is "Immobilized" effect not considered crowd control? Or am I the only one who noticed that her ultimate immobilizes the enemy?

  5. pro Esmeralda combo 312, newbie 321, cause 2nd reduce 1st cd, and learn how to stack her shields, you will find out the tank emblem is useless on her. this is free for your fans, give me a esme skin if you think my tip helped.

  6. I use mage build with Esmeralda, but this build will be useful if I am the only tank in our team. BTW, it is a very useful guide.

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