Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the tank-support, Lolita. Lolita has a good set area-of-effect, crowd
control, blink, and shield skills. Our Steel Elf, Lolita, is a tank-support hero. I consider Lolita as a tank that could counter
projectiles, since her 2nd skill will absorb projectiles,
either basic attack or skills. Not only that, her ultimate can stun all the
enemies in the area. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Lolita based on my experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain her skills
one by one for further understanding. Lolita’s passive, Noumenon Energy Core,
grants Lolita and nearby hero allies a shield. The shield is granted after the Noumenon Energy
Core reaches its max charge. Noumenon Energy Core starts recharging,
when Lolita doesn’t take damage for 5 seconds. This includes Lolita having a shield. That means, Lolita is not receiving any damage
because she has still a shield, which makes Noumenon Energy Core still charging. This shield only grants shield for allied
heroes. Lolita’s first skill, Charge,
lets Lolita dash towards a specified direction for a short distance. After using the skill, Lolita’s next basic
attack is buffed for 4 seconds. This buff lets Lolita’s basic attack jump
towards an enemy. This will deal Physical Damage plus up to
10% of target’s Max Health Points, depending on the skill’s level. This will also stun the target for a short
period. Her second skill, Guardian’s Bulwark,
raises her shield to block all incoming ranged basic attacks and skill projectiles. Every time her shield absorbs projectiles
or ranged basic attacks, the counter above her head will be increased. When the skill is clicked again, Lolita will
release an Energy Blast. Energy Blast will deal Physical Damage,
depending on the counter of damage she received during the duration. So, the more damage and ranged basic attacks
she blocks with her shield, the more damage the Energy Blast would deal. Just take note that you can’t deal basic attacks
while raising her shield. You can just click the skill again to release
the Energy Blast instantly. Lolita’s ultimate skill, Noumenon Blast,
deals massive Physical Damage in a cone area in front of her,
depending on the charging time upon releasing this skill. Upon casting, Lolita gains a shield from her
passive skill. Then, the skill will charge for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, this skill will hit all enemies
in the cone area, stunning them also for 2 seconds. While Lolita is charging this skill,
enemies in the area will have their movement speed reduced by 75%. In addition, you can tap the skill again while
charging to release the Noumenon Blast. But unfortunately, it won’t have the stun
effect. Stun effect is only available when the skill
has been fully charged. The damage depends on how long this skill
is charged. There are so many items that you can buy for
Lolita. You can either focus on Physical or Magic
Defense items, or items that gives you high health points
and slowing effects. For me, I choose to buy items that grants
health points to Lolita, and slowing effects to the enemies. As for starting item, you can consider buying
Wizard Boots. Wizard Boots grants additional health points
and movement speed. Its unique passive grants 80 gold for every
assists you make. Buying this will help you farm more gold with
every assists. Buying defense items such as Courage Bulwark,
grants health points, and cool down reduction. Its unique passive increases nearby allies’
attack power and defense. It also grants nearby allies more defense
against turret damage. Its active skill increases nearby allied heroes
movement speed upon clicking, and also boosts Physical and Magic damage. You might want to consider Oracle. This item grants additional health points,
magical defense, and cool down reduction. Its unique passive raises Shield Absorption
and HP regeneration effects by 25%. Another item to keep in your tab is Thunder
Belt. This item grants health points, mana regen,
cooldown reduction, and Physical Defense. Its unique passive buffs the next basic attack
after using a skill. The next basic attack will deal bonus attack
damage, equivalent to a percentage of the target’s
max health. The enemy target and surrounding units are
slowed for a short period. You can also consider Dominance Ice. This item grants mana, Physical Defense, and
critical chance reduction. Its unique passive grants cool down reduction,
and it lowers the attack and movement speed of nearby enemy heroes. Lastly, you can consider Sky Guardian Helmet. This grants you health points and health regeneration. Its unique passive grants you regeneration
of a percentage of your health, when you are do not receive any damage for
5 seconds. This regeneration is increased when upon killing
enemy heroes, or having an assist. Being a tank means, you have to adapt your
items depending on the enemy’s line-up. You have to consider if they deal more on
Physical or Magic damage. If the enemies are more of Physical damage
dealers, you can change Oracle with Blade Armor. This grants you additional Physical defense. Its unique passive deals 25% of the opponent’s
physical attack, as physical damage to an attacker when a basic
attack is received. It’s just like returning a percentage of their
attack to them. The item build for Lolita really depends on
the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spell to be used on Lolita
is Flicker. This can really help you survive team fights,
even death. It can also help you chase enemies,
or attack enemies by surprise. For me, this is a must since Lolita can use
this to change her position, while charging her ultimate. This will change the position of the Blast
dealt by your ultimate skill. We will show you later on on how to do that
on the tips and tricks section. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Tank Emblem set. Custom Tank Emblem could provide extra stats
according to your needs as a Tank. Set Vitality to its Max level because it can
give you additional health points. Higher Health Points means higher chance of
survival during the early game. Setting Inspire to max level will provide
cool down reduction on your skills. Higher cool down reduction means you can use
your skills again faster than usual. Get Tenacity to gain additional Physical and
Magic Defense. This is triggered when your health drops below
40%. For me, it’s the best thing to get since you
are a tank hero. Being a tank means you need to absorb damage
for your team mates inside team fights. So, you need more defense to be able to stand
your ground. Set second skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the cool down lower,
and the damage higher. That means, you can use your shield again
faster to assist allies. Prioritize first skill less since her second
skill is what you need for shielding your allies. Always upgrade her ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Lolita’s passive is pretty good since it gives
shield to allies. Granting shield to allies will help them last
longer in team fights. Basically, Lolita is not just a tank, but
also a support because of her passive skill. Her first skill is good for stunning enemies. With the ability to dash towards a location,
this is pretty awesome since it will lead you closer to your target. Not only that, your next basic attack will
make you jump to your target. Her second skill is what makes Lolita special. With her shield, she can block and absorb
and skill projectile, and ranged basic attacks. Just imagine Selena’s Abyssal Arrow, you can
always block this skill for your allies. Just make sure to use it on the right timing. You can block lots of skills, as long as they
are projectile. On this scenario, I am able to block Angela’s
first skill. But I wasn’t able to block Leomord’s first
skill. This is because it is not a skill projectile. You can protect your allies from huge ranged
damage-dealers like marksmen. Because marksmen does ranged basic attacks,
their basic attacks will be blocked by your shield. Lolita is a great counter for Kimmy because
of this. With Kimmy’s rapid projectile attacks, this
quickly charges your shield. While on your second skill, you can use your
first skill to dash. This will stop the shield instantly. Then just release the Energy Blast from your
second skill. Her ultimate is also a good skill for team
fights. With its stunning and slowing ability, this
will really cause chaos to the enemies. Just make sure to charge it fully to be able
to deal the stunning effect. Releasing it early will only deal damage and
no stunning effect. Using it with Flicker makes this one of the
best ultimate out there. Just imagine enemies trying to run from this
skill’s area-of-effect. With Flicker, you can change your position
just right before it releases the damage. This makes you relocate the cone area,
still making the enemies suffer the wrath of your might. Now, let’s talk about her combo. In terms of team fights, I usually follow
a combo for Lolita. First, I charge my ultimate to slow down enemies. For sure, they will try to run away from it. Now, I use flicker to relocate the area-of-effect
of my ultimate. This will stun and melt the enemies. Now, I either use my first or second skill. But this time, I used first skill first. I used my next basic attack to stun the damage
dealer, or the one with lowest health. With the bonus damage from the target’s max
health points, this is pretty explosive. Then, I use my second skill to block damage,
from ranged heroes like marksmen or mages outside the team fight. On this scenario, I was able to block Selena’s
skills and attacks outside. Then I release the Energy Blast of my second
skill. This will deal damage to the enemies hit by
the explosion. Additional Information:
Some of you might remember that, her ultimate’s cone area can’t be seen when
you cast it inside a bush. Well, that was before. Now, it can be seen even if you cast it inside
the bush. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Lolita. This video just guides you on how to use Lolita,
the Kurumi way. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Lolita. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to my channel for more contents
by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the
featured video on our channel for the mechanics. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!


  1. I love lolita even tho i havent buyed her cause of her skills and shields and she is a meta tank which makes her popular in tournaments or mpl
    I like her cause of her stuns and shields so, im thinking of buying her.So i would say this was really helpful to know lolita better

  2. I don't tank much in game because I don't have enough trust on my teammates.Especially if you're solo player it's hard find a remarkable ally..Btw My Lolita's wr is somewhere around 25ish % only few matches though..

  3. I like Lolita's shield a lot, it's really frustrating since I use mages and marksmans, but I wanted to try Gatotkaca as he is known for his Second skill taunt and vengeance combo… Really Claude's nightmare… Gatotkaca's a great counter for skill based heroes but I still need your awesome guide! So, can u please make a Gatorade guide? Thanks a lot Luring!

  4. My favorite tank I used to play her well, but I'm kind a bit disappointed about her defense I mean like before she was so tanky cause of her defense.. now everytime I received some damage lol she got so weak I mean her defense..

  5. I really enjoyed this build. I do have a question im trying to do the master code, chapter 2 "fire back" but ive done it multiple times but it doesnt work. Still says 0/8

  6. Wel'p this guide really helps me a lot because i was just starting my journey playing in MLBB. I bought LOLITA RIGHT AWAY and build a tank/support emblem set right away. because most of my rank and classic games used to be MM who always says "We Need A Tank!" Thank you so much for this guide! Im your new subscriber! im from the philippiness.


  7. Ahh this is what I really need. As a player who use Lolita very often, sometimes I'm confused with how to use her in a right way, and this boot camp helps me. Thanks for the video.

  8. Some Lolita Tips based from playing with her.
    Ulti is great for ambush with badang / Hanabi / Valir or any hero with an aoe ulti that can massively kill like Odette. She is a good choice to counter mm focus team. So always move on the map where the enemies MM / ADC are focusing.
    Lolita 2nd skill will work vs basic atk and directional skill only such as Layla /Lesley/ Moskov/ Jhonson ulti
    Lolita 2nd skill doesn't work vs Valir / Odette / Hayabusa / Hanabi or any other hero with aoe ulti.
    Pro tips:
    There's a perfect cycle to continuously gain the passive bonus. Since as long you don't take dmg the shield will renew every 5sec. You can use your 2nd skill to block dmg when your passive shield is about to end. This will ensure you won't take dmg for 2-3sec enough to proc your passive.

    1. Roaming item is your 1st purchase since it will help your team A LOT..
    Upgrade it to "Shadow Mask" later if you're more ambush-oriented or "Courage Mask"if your team is more push oriented.

    2. Oracle / Athena'Shield – Hp regen kicks in if you don't take dmg in 5second regardless if you're in battle or not.
    So your shield might be useful to proc the hp regen or you might want more CD reduction for ambush.

    3. Guardian Helmet: gives you a huge hp buff which makes your passive easier to proc, the hp regen on it is good too.

    3. Adjust vs whom you play . More magic defense or more physical dmg.

    4. Rose Gold Meteor + Shield Battle spell can trick people into trying to kill you.

    5. Thunder Belt + Ambush with your ulti (if not fully charged) can mass slow enemy for 1.5sec.
    Useful for quick ambush even if they notice your ulti.

  9. Kurumi, I found an idea for her build (known as "No Recalls"):
    Courage Mask (buy Wooden Mask first at the start of the game, later for team fights)
    Demon Boots (1st priority before Courage Mask, also replenish some mana)
    Thunder Belt (3rd priority)
    Oralcle (4th priority, to gain more shield)
    Athena Shield
    Cursed Helmet/Immortality (either of them will be the last)

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