Mehgan’s Explosive Meltdown | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ -Hi, you guys.
-Hello. Oh (bleep)
It’s on. I’m DeAndre’s friend girl
Mehgan. Hi, Mehgan.
Nice to meet you. “Friend girl”? -Lindsey.
-This your new girlfriend? -Not my girlfriend.
-I seen her — You guys switch numbers.
That’s what we doing now? Man, what did I tell you
about drinking and telling all my (bleep)
business to strangers? Why would you
(bleep) do that?
Why the (bleep) are you
sitting here — You exchanged numbers
with her. First of all,
you don’t know her. You telling her
all our business. She look like a poodle.
This what we gon’ do. We gon’ leave her here at
Marriage Boot Camp, and I’ma pack my (bleep) ♪♪ I’m just like, “What the hell
happened just now?” JJ: Mehgan basically wants to
control every situation. She wants DeAndre
to want her even if she doesn’t want him.
-Yeah. Yeah. Why would you pour that water on
my (bleep) head like that? Mehgan:
Why did you switch numbers with
somebody you didn’t know? Like, what the (bleep)
wrong with you? Like, you’re gonna really
embarrass me. You been embarrassing my whole
life since I been with you. I did it really to just
get back at Mehgan, let her know how it feels to,
like, be in that situation where you just downplaying
somebody and not giving them their — their time and their opportunity
to talk. Can you
see his point of view about someone paying
attention to him… Of course.
…someone helping him
feel wanted? We’re supposed to be working on
our issues. Him giving her his number
is creating more issues. Everyone just looking at you
like you didn’t do (bleep) ‘Cause I didn’t do (bleep) Are we done? -Do you feel done?
-Yeah. Maybe you should talk about it
in private. -I do want to talk, actually.
-Okay. You guys talk about it
in private. DeAndre:
You crazy. Like, I don’t —
why the (bleep) you do that? Like, it don’t make any sense,
like, why you —
Why would you
give her your number? That didn’t make any sense. It took that to let you,
like, hear me out? Okay, so, are we done?

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