Meet the Portwoods | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

♪♪ I think — I think Matthew’s
gonna have a hard time with some things.
Actually, I think you’re
gonna have a hard time. I think this
whole experience is gonna take you
out of your comfort zone. I’m Amber Portwood, and I’m
one of the original members of “Teen Mom.” I’m coming into boot camp
with my mom, Tanya Portwood, and my ex-fiancé Matt Baier. I really want, as well,
to get help on our communication because I’m really just trying
to fix our relationship. When Matt came into the picture,
we seen a lot of red flags, and he’s kinda keeping her
isolated from us. I expect him
to get of our lives. Matt: This is gonna be
a long two weeks. Being on a reality show, especially for as long
as I have for 10 years, um, has been detrimental because all of my problems
are out in the open. I think she’s still high
from two shows ago. -[Laughs]
-What? My show’s relevant! My show’s
been on for 10 [bleep] years! You wilding.
You are wilding! Matt: Amber doesn’t look
for reasons to fight. Amber doesn’t need to
look for a reason to fight. She can be set off
by the weather. Oh [bleep] It’s a bomb.
That what — you go off. Amber’s bomb is spot-on.
Bitch will kill you. In boot camp,
we need to work on communication, trust,
everything. There was things about my life
that I didn’t tell her. I had more kids
than I told her I had. This family boot camp
is definitely the last one shot Matt has with me. My fault in all of this
is letting it go on for as long as I did
because I loved him. Are you gonna really
sit there and pretend
that you’re innocent? I had everything
under control till I met your [bleep] bitch ass! Really? Punk! So, you guys have
a cycle to break. Dr. Ish: But you’re not
gonna break it unless
you have the right tools. ♪♪

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