Matt Linnen Melts All Girls Hearts With His Voice! Bootcamp The X Factor UK 2017

Good How are you please introduce Yourself – Matt Linen I’M Sorry i ate Myself in Essex and Remind us what you do matt well I’m a Plaster Well This is what i want to do All right What are you gonna sing for us if i were a boy Beyonce Why this song i think i was trying to do something that Was a Bit different From Critique i had from you Guys from My first Audition i Really Like The texture and tone of Your voice I Just want to connect with you more For me personally i’d Rather Hear the negative Feedback Because then i couldn’t improve I’ve chased extreme for so long i don’t know how long i could Carry on so this Could Be It could Be My last chance Matt Are you come this far how you Feeling Right Now I mean Just the place of This Crowd Now is amazing and to Get through we’ve Been the world Okay well you deserve to be here so far What up thanks? If i were a Boy Even Just for a Day Out of Bed in the morning before i want i won’t even go She be with the guys And She’s have to go Here with Who i want me Who’s ever be confronted for me cuz i look after me How we Feel of a Girl i Feel Better Everything It’S a little Too late for you to come back see it’s Just a Mistake? I won’t forgive you like that it was That Was a Good Summer like Pam Hogan’s personality Okay so we made a decision I’m Just gonna give it to you straight We’re gonna have to? Send you to? Six Chair challenge

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