Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology – Hannah’s story (Long)

[music] Exercise physiologists are known as the experts in exercise. An exercise physiologist works with patients to help improve, prevent or control many issues or medical conditions that people might have with exercise and also help people to live their best life through all kinds of different movement. Being an exercise physiologist is a really rewarding career. I get to change people’s lives in a really fun and exciting way. An exercise physiologist is quite different to a physiotherapist. Where you might see a physiotherapist if you need an acute diagnosis of an injury or you’ve hurt yourself, exercise physiologists can work with you through your whole lifespan in using exercise to control and treat more chronic conditions. I chose Deakin because they have a
really good reputation for exercise and sport science and I wanted to do a course that could take me to the career that I wanted. In my role at Upwell, I will come in and see patients, exercise with them. If I am meeting them for the first time I’ll do an initial assessment. Then most of my daily activities are having sessions with clients, running group classes. Two days a week I head over to
the Bulldogs. In my role at VFLW, I will head on down to training in the afternoons, and I’ll work with the physiotherapist and the strength and conditioning staff working on getting our injured girls back on the track and back into full training and being able to play games. I’m really lucky that I get to work in both private practice and elite sport. I think it’s really exciting as an exercise physiologist, that if you pursue more of a career in strength and conditioning as well, you can have the best of both worlds. What I find most exciting is that there’s a lot of growth in exercise physiology coming up over the next few years. And I think we’re really starting to be at the forefront in health care and in allied health. And it’s really exciting to be a part of that going forward. I would definitely recommend the
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Deakin. [music]

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