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“Marriage Boot Camp:
Reality Stars” is back, unleashing more demons… She used to do some really
inappropriate things to me. He wrote a suicide letter. …and bigger secrets. -You are in love with your ex.
-Yeah. And one major bombshell… -Hello.
-Hell no! …rocks the house… Woman: You still might be
in love with somebody else. Yes. (bleep) …leading to a massive mutiny. I want to get the (bleep)
out of here. I want to go home. -Bobby?
-I just want you to come back. This season,
the most explosive couples from reality’s biggest shows
check in together. But will they check out solo? This is a disaster. You got to stop running. One couple
is rocked with jealousy. You dated a dude
when we were broken up. You (bleep) a girl
that’s an escort. …while a notorious womanizer is stuck in an eight-year
love triangle. You call her
your wife, too. A new romance is pulled
from paradise and tested. I am seeing my ex-wife. A bad girl forces her boy
to man up. You not gonna keep
disrespecting me. I deserve the world. And one couple
debates the “D” word. I filed for divorce,
and that’s the end of it. I don’t want to accept it. Can relationship experts
Dr. Ish and Dr. V repair these broken vows? It is not my fault. You’re not gonna love me
if I gain 5 pounds? Or will this boot camp exodus destroy all these
relationships… I don’t want
to face this. You do not get to tell us
what to do in our house. …forever? Boot Campers! Don’t fight this. Don’t miss the new season
of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Friday, October 13th at 9:00
only on WE tv.

40 thoughts on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | Season 9 Official Trailer | WE tv

  1. The fact that javi and katelyn are even on this show is comical and a joke they knew they were getting a divorce before they went on this show

  2. Dr. Ish and V therapy does NOT work. I don't think they're qualified. After watchin the last family addition, I was like WTF are these people doing. Most of these couples already know they're not meant to be. So it's like, let's just get this money anyways. The End. Real talk!!!

  3. Man, I knew Peter wouldn't do this without Tara. I bet they just have a deal where they do these shows and split the money 3 ways.

  4. Did Peter say that she can do some pretty inappropriate things TO HIM??? If I heard that correctly, then no tf he didn't have a nerve…

  5. Spoiler Alert!!! Kaylin is not with Javi and got pregnant from a black guy. Now she is even more fatter then she was before. Big 🐳 whale. End of story.

  6. Kailyn just had a baby by another man. How could you ever move on from that? And javi is the one chasing HER down. That's some crazy shit

  7. Ugh I just got a headache…. Amina don't have no reason to be mad or sad about anything, shit you knew how peter was from the door lol your a dummy.. Javi javi Lord just RRRRUUUUUUNNNNNNN but I won't be watching this show 👎🏽

  8. I feel like Kaitlyn is putting up a face towards the camera like she really doesn't want to but I think in reality she really does want to. I hope she clears up her sh*** together and work things out. Javi is a great guy and there aren't many out there

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